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Lazy Sunday

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Oh, is it Sunday? The days in Perth just flows by. What to do on a Sunday, then?

Power living yoga studio

Power living yoga studio

Katja wanted to do another round of yoga, so I drove her down to Power living. Here she did Power Ashtanga with Adam. I set course for the best coffee we’ve found in Perth, namely at Foam in Oxford Street, Leederville. It was crowded with people who came there for their Sunday breakfast. I was lucky enough to get an inside table, for it was quite chilly this morning. I spent nearly an hour at Foam mainly working on this blog.
I returned to the yoga studio and waited for Katja to come out.
When she did I understood that the training had been good. She was lobster red and looking like she’s had a great workout. The yoga is not Bikram, but still in a room heated to about 30 degrees Celsius. this makes it a bit like doing yoga at Bali. I think there were a lot of good memories coming back.

Katja's new hiking boots

Katja’s new hiking boots

Next mission was to get Katja another pair of hiking boots. The once that has been used up to now are giving her blisters and that is not cool. But getting hold of the right size, color, shape, look, feel, weight and all those other things men don’t care about was not that easy. We drove across town several times before we ended in a place called WaterTown Brand Outlet in the City center. Finally we could get the right (see above list) and move on.

We then went to George Street Garage for lunch. A really cool place in a big open room with lots of seating. The food was good and the coffee also.

Lunch @ George Street Garage

Lunch @ George Street Garage

And by the way, the WaterTown is a place to go for buying good stuff at reasonably good price. It’s like the outlets that you have in the US with lots of stores in a small area.

Driving around we come across a lot of different street names. Some reminds us of home, and some are totally strange. This is one that made Katja make me stop the car. Sylvia is the name of her late grandmother on her mothers side.


Museum time

Museum time

Then it was my turn to choose activity. I had found that there is a display of ancient Afghan art on the museum in town. It’s a traveling display that are shown in London, Oslo (!), Paris and Perth (and probably a few more I can’t remember). It’s a good quote connected to this display:”A nation stays alive, when it’s culture stays alive.” I think he got that right.

The artifacts presented in the exhibition was believed lost during the initial war in 2001. They were believed taken by looters or by the Taliban in the aftermath of the chaos that resided. But some brave persons from the Museum in Baghdad risked their lives and kept it all safe, at last in a safe in the presidential palace. Some of these artifacts are dated back to 2000 BCE. That’s about 4000 years ago. It’s mind blowing to see what artists from back then did for depicting animals or everyday elements. Afghanistan has lost so much during its struggle for so many years. That they now have this to hold on to and remind them of the big nation it once was, may be what the young Afghans needs as root in a hard reality.

Afghanistan—where empires go to die.
― Mike Malloy

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