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Meeting with old (and new) friends

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Saturday morning. The house is bustling with activity. Damien and his girlfriend are late for departure, Mike wakes up yawning, Jack runs around barking and Katja and I sip our coffee. Saturday morning.
Saturday is probably the most celebrated day of the week, regardless of culture. Whole day free, and no care for tomorrow. We used it to visit old friends in Perth and to forge a new friendship or two.
Heikki and Beki (Swedish Kali friends) are both located in Perth and we had not been able to see them before now. They both hold classes on Saturdays so we knew where to seek them out.
We started with a class of MDW (Multi Dimensional Warrior) with Heikki at 9:45. This is a closed group training, understandably, since it is reality based weapons training. As we have been friends with Heikki for years, been to a lot of seminars, are black belts in different arts – and are cute and cuddly – we were invited in. We were taken very good care of by the guys in the group. Big thanks to Buddy, Nick and Ninja. Since not all who reads this Blog is into this kind of things, I will let the details stay in Perth regarding the content of the training.

Heikki and me by the White board, Buddy, Nick and Ninja on the floor

Heikki and me by the White board, Buddy, Nick and Ninja on the floor

Beki came in during training and joined in. It was very nice to see her again.
After training we went to the market and grabbed something to eat and drink with Beki, Ninja and Buddy. We all then moved along to Shobukan karate club (yes, it’s true Terje) for some more Kali training. Beki teaches there every Saturday. My shoulder was sore from the yoga the day before so I sat this one out. I looked and picked up a few pointers and got ideas for exercisers to bring back home.

After class a larger group went back to the market and grabbed a beer or soft drinks. A lot of drinking in this country.
When it was time to say goodbye and set a course back to Innaloo, to pick up yesterday’s fish and correct the SIM card problem, we got caught in a hail storm. That doesn’t happen around here. The hails were big. People fled and got under roof. We sat in

Hailstorm as seen from inside the car

Hailstorm as seen from inside the car

White lawn

White lawn

the car when it started and man, did it get noisy. The hail hammered on the roof and windows so we thought they might break. That the car has no visible damage after that storm is incredible. We just stayed in the parking lot and waited it out. It turned into rain after a while and we drove out. When it rains it rains heaps. So we had several situations where the road was flooded and everybody needed to go into one lane on the freeway. The tour to Innaloo took way longer than expected, but we were good on time.
We picked up the fish and went to Telstra, the tele operator. They easily switched out the wrong SIM card to the right size, transfer our prepaid data volume and voila! We are live on 4G.
We went back to the house and made surf and turf. The scampi and crayfish was excellent, as was the steaks Mike put on the barbie. With leftovers from the sweet potato mash and steamed veggies from the day before it was a great meal.

Oh, and did you know that the reason a lot of Australians talk while barely moving their lips? It’s because of the flies. It is crawling with flies here, but it is rumored to be only the beginning. It’s much worse during actual summer time. Yay.

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