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More MDW and Kali Sikaran

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Saturday after a long ride like yesterday sounds like a great time for resting out, right? And what better way of resting than get your ass to training?
We got up and did a couple of cups of coffee to wake up. I had been sleeping for 11 hours or so, but still felt like I could’ve done 11 more.

Outside Angry Buddha

Outside Angry Buddha

Heikki and me by the White board, Buddy, Nick and Ninja on the floor

Heikki and me by the White board, Buddy, Nick and Ninja on the floor

We got up from Darch to Wangara and met up with Heikki and some of the guys from last weeks MDW (Multi Dimensional Warrior) training. Buddy and Bekki was there from last time, Curtis and Shane were new faces. Not new new, since we met them doing Kali Sikaran last Saturday, but new to the MDW together with us. We did more good training based on last weeks experience. As last time I let the details be, and only conclude with our gratitude for being able to train with these people and that it was 90 minutes of fun, frustrating, painful (at times) and good for the all round martial arts we do.
Then we went to the market again and grabbed a bit to eat and drink before it was Kali with Bekki for another 90 minutes. We did pad works for 80 minutes, then some physical exercises after. Good combos with a group that really want to train. It’s great to be in a training hall where everybody is focused on getting and giving a good training. The energy is bustling and you work your ass off. I was soaked from the pad work and drained from the burpees in the physical part. Back down to the market for a drink with some of the guys and girls from training. Good fun with stories, laughter and joking.

Beki's crew on a Saturday training

Bekki’s crew on a Saturday training

We got back and just crashed for half an hour in bed.

I barley got back to my feet after that, but we had dinner plans with Heikki and Bekki. We met them at Subiaco Square at a place called Grill’d. A nice part of town with small shops and restaurants all over. I can easily see why people like this part of town. We had a great time talking during dinner, both of old stories and about the upcoming Mandirigma camp in April-May next year. And a lot of talk about chilis. Western Australia is chili country and they have lots of chili production around here. Heikki, before he moved, had seven species of chili on his veranda.
We did a little walk in Subiaco after dinner before we broke in three different ways. I managed to stay awake until 22 before I again collapsed in bed.

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