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Yoga Sunday

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When Katja decides she wants yoga? Yoga she gets. She aimed for two classes this Sunday. Me? That’s another story.
We drove to Power Living for Katja to get to her first class of the day. I have struggled a bit with my upper back and neck these lasts days and are more in need of a chiropractor than yoga classes. This Sunday Mike jumped in as the inhouse chiro and a least it didn’t make things worse


Art from Hyde Park

Art from Hyde Park

I dropped Katja of at the yoga studio and drove another couple of hundred meters to Hyde Park, nearby. I got out and took a walk around the little lake in the middle. It was bustling with activity and there were all kinds of people using the park. From elderly in electrical wheelchairs to power-walkers and runners. I took a stroll while listening to an audio book and found something cool. Around the lake someone had made a “Walk of life”. Several small stations with three sides. One side was informational about osteoporosis or yoga, just to mention two, and the two other sides were easy exercises. Bicycling, step ups, stretching etc. It was informative and easy accessible for the public. Hopefully people use them as well.

The walk of life


After finishing my walk I set of with destination Foam to get a cup of coffee. When I got there it was so crowded that I just slowly backed away so not to be sucked into the stampede. I did a little walk in the neighborhood and found a Farmers Market just down the road. And guess what, there’s a chiropractor with a stand right there. We talked and I also got to meet his wife who’s sister lives in Mandal, Norway. Maybe Disney’s right? It’s a small world, after all. I have booked an appointment tomorrow and are looking forward to realigning a couple of my vertebrates.
From there it was back to pick up Katja and move to the next yoga location. This time in a church. I killed (this time meaning sleeping in the car) about two hours before she got out and we went for lunch.
We had found a place called The Naked Fig online and it was to be located down by the sea. It was better than expected and we each got a great meal. When paying we chatted with the waiter who had his last day at work. He was doing three weeks in Cambodia next before moving to Melbourne. He talked about something called Earthships that we need to look up. It’s houses built by recycled materials, located to minimize heat during the day (to minimize energy use for cooling), collection of rainwater, and reuse of waste water to nourish plants and crops. Maybe we can find something like this in Cambodia when we go there later.

Art @ The naked fig

Art @ The naked fig

After lunch we went home with a long list to do. We’re leaving in 6 days and we have outstanding business when it comes to bookings and preparations for the Philippines. When we came home Mike and Damien was in the middle of a IKEA building championship. We got into the game and together we made the dresser whole and moved it into Damien’s room. IKEA is just as stressful on any relationships anywhere in the world, but it helps with some Cider and Beer.

So when the night came after a nice pasta dinner we had crossed absolutely nothing of the To Do list. It’s now decided that tomorrow morning will be work time to make sure we get our bookings in order.

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