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Boracay – “Put the snapper on the grill” Wednesday

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Up and about for another day at what must be paradise. The longer we stay here at Boracay the more we enjoy it and want to stay on. As we stepped out on our way this morning the janitors had taken out the old X-mas tree and started the assembly. Hard to find good Pine trees around here.

Assembly of X-mas tree

Assembly of X-mas tree

We did our morning yoga which was Anusara inspired lead by Nicole. We enjoyed it as last time and stepped back into the sunlight.

"Main street"

“Main street”

When we came back from yoga the tree was assembled and even decorated. What a team!

Santa Claus is coming to town....

Santa Claus is coming to town….

We got ourselves lunch at a little restaurant called Smoke. We got some grilled fish and it was good and a lot cheaper than the other places around here. Then we went down to the beach and rented a couple of sun beds for some hours.

Cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon

Cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon

Beware of the shrimp paste. The one on top the vegetables tasted 4 leagues south of funny

Beware of the shrimp paste. The one on top the vegetables tasted 4 leagues south of funny

Japanese or Korean afraid of the sun

Beach time! With Japanese or Korean afraid of the sun

The highlight of the day had to be dinner. We had heard about “Cooking service” but did not quite understand the concept. We headed down to D’talipapa, another place like D’Mall we live in. We’ve been given the idea that it was down on Station 3 and therefor we grabbed a tricycle to get down there. Luckily it’s within Station 2 and the ride was short, but memorable. The driver would have done great in any Motorsport involving swerving past objects as close as possible. We did some overtaking of other vehicles that would impress anyone who ever played car games on PlayStation.

Dinner time at D'tillipappa

Dinner time at D’talipapa

There we found, by asking around, a huge market with fresh seafood and meat. You just walk around and buy from the different stalls what you want for dinner. Then you get over to the vegetables stand and buy what you want with it. Take the bags over to a cooking services, which is a restaurant where they will prepare it for you to your specifications, and enjoy your dinner. The cooking service sell the, well… cooking service together with whatever you want to drink. Quite a cool thing. We got ripped of buying the fish, but it was still cheap. We got ourselves some white snapper together with long beans, pumpkin, eggplant and squash. We got the vegetables sauteed and the fish grilled. Together with the Filipino beer Red Horse it made for a fine meal.






After dinner we walked back along the beach to the hotel. The beach is bustling with activities after sunset. A lot of people must stay hidden in the shadows or be out on boats during the day. ‘Cause the number of people in evening far surpass the number in daytime.

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