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Boracay – Spider Tuesday

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Seven o’clock and the alarm goes off. Another day, another memory to be made.
Breakfast, yoga, shower and lunch at the beach. We found out yesterday that if you buy for more than 500 pesos of food and drinks you can occupy sun beds and a parasols down at the beach. So today we did lunch where we had dinner last night and spent three hours baking in the sun. Probably not what our Norwegian friends want to hear to much about, but I have to report the truth. We hear it’s 4-5 degrees with constant rain back home now. How I’m gonna survive next autumn back home, I have no idea.

Having a hard day at the office

Having a hard day at the office

We ate, read, took a bath, slept, read, took a bath in an endless cye before we got ready to go to the Spider house. We took a tricycle out there. The most common form of public transportation here at Boracay.

It’s not as it sounds, it’s a restaurant and bar connected to a kind of a hotel or guesthouse further up the beach. All the way to the end of Station 1. It started as a vacation home for a family before they expanded it and started up this service. We took one of the many tricycle taxis up there. They served great sushi there in a fusion kind of way. We ate and watched the sun set in the ocean. Unfortunately it was rather cloudy and we didn’t get the best of the best views. But hey, they had sushi at the spider house.


Therese, me, Katja and Jenna

Therese, me, Katja and Jenna

Coming out from there we found Theresa and Jenna, who we have met through Yoga here, sitting on a restaurant on the beach. We have already planned a boat trip together on Thursday, as it is cheaper for all of us. They are from Sydney, but originally Jenna is from London and Theresa has just moved back to Sydney after 19 years abroad. They are very nice and easygoing so we spent some time with them their table and got better aquatinted. The darkness after the sun goes down is almost total, and it’s hard to phantom the time is just 19:00 when it feels like 23:00. So we got up and headed towards the hotel.





After the tricycle taxi had let us off a block from the hotel we saw this medical clinic. I have this thing on my arm we needed to check out and went in. It’s nothing big but a little deny that has gotten irritated during martial arts training and now bleeds a little when touched. Sounds worse than I experience it when I write it like that. The doctor was available immediately, but I had to do some basic tests first: Temperature and blood pressure. I’m healthy as the anyone and got to know I have blood pressure of 120/70. Some of you who read this might even know what that means. I just think it means I’m healthy.

Blood pressure is fiiiine

Blood pressure is fiiiine

The doctor took a look at the thing and gave me an ointment for reducing the local inflammation. Fingers crossed for it to work. I think the doctor and the staff liked us, probably because we came with a medical condition not because I was drunk and had hit my head when falling in the gutter. The cashier also laughed wholeheartedly when she exclaimed:”You biiiiiig!” And when Katja showed them how she fits perfectly underneath my chin for a big hug they clapped and laughed. Gotta love such nice people.

Tipp topp - but inflamed

Tipp topp – but inflamed

As all kids who have to see the doctor I got ice cream on my way back.

Ice cream after doctors visit!

Ice cream after doctors visit!

Katja is now out to get her legs waxed while the “Norwegian Patient” dutifully is writing this text. It’s soon about time to sleep a little before we gonna skype with Kent at midnight. Kent is part of another Filipino martial arts club in Oslo, and is of Filipino heritage. He has lots of connections in Manila and Cebu and will help us set up there. So we’re gonna talk about what we want and like and get recommendations for hotels and training that otherwise would not be accessible to us.
We appreciate this very much. There are so many that contact us and makes our trip that much better. We love it and hope it never stops.

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