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Boracay Friday

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This week is moving along so much faster than we want. We leave on Sunday and are now doing our best to stretch out these last few days here.
No surprise that we went by True Yoga and did a 90 minute class with Louise. Today we focused on opening and stretching of the sides. There were poses I could not do completely as I struggled to sit properly and get both butt cheeks in the floor. Doing yoga is all about breath and keeping posture. I think I went through all my swear words in the vocabulary as well as breathed like a pregnant hippo after a 100 meter dash. But hey, I did what I could. We said goodbye to Jenna and Therese as this was their last day on the island. Their flight leaves this afternoon to take them back to Sydney. It’s been a pleasure to get to know them both.

Therese and Jenna together with us

Therese and Jenna together with us at True Yoga

We have still to much with us on this trip. Today we sent home another package, and once again lightened the load. at this rate we’ll be traveling in our bathing suits only on our return. Katja stated today that training her willpower for the first few days has made it easier to walk past all these shops daily. Good for her. Hopefully it’ll last more than these few days on Boracay.
When we first came to the post office it was “closed”. Yes I use “s. There were no signs and only by help from one of the ladies in the nearby governmental buildings did we find out that the guy had taken a break. We went for lunch to kill the hour until he was supposed to return, and found a nice little place. This is a bit further north on the beach at Station 1, and one of the places we walked past yesterday. During lunch we saw that the had sun beds as well and since we had lunch we got two for fifty pesos. Good for us.

Katja found a shrine to Mary out in the water. It’s heavily visited during the day, but she caught a glimpse of it with no people around.


Maria Magdalena’s beautiful house on Boracay


Maria Magdalena close up

We spent some time on the sun beds dorming and reading before once again going to the post office.
This time the guy was there and we started on wrapping things up. Let’s just say the Indonesians are more effective and have more structure and system. At one point the guy asked if we could use the used pizza delivery box as wrapping paper. When he opened it we saw a ant feeding frenzy like never before. Ugh, I don’t think so, but he was undeterred and started cleaning out the box. We did not end up using it. I went out and tried to get hold of such a box, but the pizza place was out of boxes. No envelopes to be found anywhere. Damn! Then I found a little store that had left over boxes sitting on the curb. I got one and we cut it to fit the shipment. If you read this and get a cut up carton in the mail sometime in the future, know I did what I could.



We went back to the sun beds and spent another hour and a half there before slowly walking along the beach back to the hotel. Katja wants to do another yoga class today and I will work on the blog.

As it turned out Katja was the only one who showed up for yin yoga class and got a one on one with the instructor. Good for her.
Today’s dinner was Indian. We went to True Food, the restaurant where we train yoga in the morning. We had a great Indian meal, and as we left we said Hi to some Norwegians who were there. First time we’ve heard Norwegian in ages. This post is now finished and I have gotten a jour with the writing. It just a matter of putting in the pictures, get Katja to proofread (let me tell you how important that is!), and then hit publish. Maybe we’ll catch up with the posts to date at one point.
We have also started the booking of training in Manila. It’s gonna be cool to train with some of the Grand Masters I’ve only read about or seen on YouTube.

We finished our evening by taking a trip to the local supermarket. We were looking for a bowl to eat oatmeal or cereal from. This proved to be a real quest, because the “home supply” department only had ceramic bowls. We need unbreakable plastic. On a quest like this it’s not uncommon to come across rarities. This time we found a relative, or what Trond?

Brother in law Trond on a gig in Boracay?

Brother in law Trond on a gig in Boracay?

And we came across a big stack of canned fruit salad, that Katja thought were made out of big cans.

Very biiiiig

Very biiiiig!

But they weren’t.

These small things?

These small things?

We asked around for shops that might have the bowl we looked for and behold the alley behind the supermarket. In the same store they sold “Psy Gangnam Style sword” (Yes, it’s true) they also had a lot of bowls. We found one, probably got ripped off on the price, but went home smiling.

The first night here I was prett upset about a car that constantly was honking it’s horn. All through the evening and into the night the horn would blast with relatively constant intervals. Turns out it’s the sound for the “Out of time”¬†when you play at Showdown. A basketball game down the street from our hotel.



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