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Boracay – Beach Saturday

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So our last whole day is here. We have fallen into a good routine with yoga training in the morning, and so we conclude our yoga here at Boracay .
During breakfast we have gotten very good attention from one of the waiters, Paolo. He gets us milk for the coffee every morning and is always smiling. Yesterday he asked about our further travel plans and wether or not we were going to Palawan. It seems that Palawan is as beautiful as Boracay and several others here have asked us the same thing. He had been there and gave us some good advice regarding choice of airports vs the traveling time to El Nido and Coron. This morning he had printed out the flight times for going from Cebu to Puerto Princesa. Very nice of him.

We did our routine and walked over to the yoga studio and got a few pictures of Katja in headstands before the class began. It was another class of Anusara Inspired yoga, and I have to say I like it a lot. We said goodbye to Nicole and headed toward the coffee place. Only to realize the money is in the hotel room. Bummer.
We spent just short of an hour in the hotel room while finishing up and publishing yet another blog post. By the end of this day I think we’ll be a jour. We got us some salads for lunch before heading down to the beach. We’re gonna enjoy this day to the fullest.
We went down to the beach and installed ourselves on a couple of sun beds. And just stayed there until sunset. We read and swam and just relaxed with every fiber we have.

The sunset was spectacular. The sun went behind a cloud but started to radiate out through, over and under it. We’ll let the pictures speak for it.

We met some Norwegians at the table next to us, and for the second time in as many days we’ve met Norwegians. There are few of us around here, so we’ve enjoyed the once we’ve met.
Then it was back to the room for packing for our early departure tomorrow. We get picked up at 6:45 tomorrow morning. Let’s hope the nights sleep will be good.
Oh, we got charged a whole lot of money to get our baggage up here. We tried to do a prepay for the trip to Manila, but we were to late. “nooo, need to be two days before. “, but the web said until four hours before takeoff… “nooooo, let me call. Bla bla bla (very loud) nooooo, Manila, bla bla bla. Ok. (Hangs up, and return to me) “Sorry (very very loud), you must try at airport. Be very very early”.
OK, try? Let’s hope we get our bags down to Manila.

Seen anything like it before?

Seen anything like it before?

Asian grownups. This is what the kids will be like...

Asian grownups. This is what the kids will be like…

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