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Quezon travel Wednesday

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Slow start on the day, but still early risers. We got to finish and sent in the Visa application for Myanmar. Good thing the world is getting more digital.
Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, just upgraded their e-visa application and it’s now possible to enter the country on three different places and get validated by e-visa. We shipped ours in today and in 3-4 days we’ll get the visas and will order plane tickets.
Katja went of to yoga while went back to bed to try to sleep of the cold. I think yesterday was the worst day and hopefully I will have a speedy recovery.
When Katja returned we got out again and had lunch before we headed towards Alan’s gym for another Kali session. We jumped on the Jeepney and went from there to MRT (Metro train), and from there into a taxi to the gym. All in all 58 minutes from the hotel to the gym. The train was pretty crowded, but acceptable both in crowdiness and temperature.

We did a great session with GM Allan and his assistant Jojo. We moved through his system from double to single to knife. Interesting to see how he’s built up his system, Kalahi, and what he promotes as the most important skill when he teaches self defense to Filipinos who live and operates here in the Philippines.

Allan drove us to the MRT station and we got on and headed toward Guadalupe station. It’s a lot of people who take the train in the afternoon. Holy macaroni! But luckily do most travel in the opposite direction of us today. We go north to south, they move from city center to the suburbs.

When we got off at Guadalupe was there a line so long that it must take at least two hours just to get on the train if you were the unlucky last person. Glad I don’t have that here nor home.
As we walked towards the Jeepney’s to get back home we found a big market at the station. Meat, veggies, chicken and fish. And lots of it. Just the rice section blew us away.

The people selling meat were in red shirts, veggie was green, fish blue and chicken orange. If you didn’t find anything you liked here you probably don’t eat.

It's still low under the ceiling for me when riding a Jeepney

It’s still low under the ceiling for me when riding a Jeepney

Finding the right Jeepney was a bit tricky, but a nice man helped us sort it out and we climbed onboard. When these vehicles stand still it gets hot inside. Very hot. And it’s crowded. Very crowded, and it seems that it’s always the innermost person who wants to get off. As everyone clearly know we need help all of the people in the back was very eager to tell us we had arrived to Makati avenue, just a short walk from our hotel.
We did take outs and ate in the room while relaxing and getting a few things done.
Tomorrow is a rest day and will be used to visit the largest mall in Asia, appropriately called – Mall of Asia.




Random picture gallery for the once that did not make it in the post:


There’s always light after darkness.

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