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17.01.15 Goodbye Vietnam – Hello Cambodia

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For once we travel in the evening and have the whole day in the city before departure. A hearty breakfast and then it’s packing time.
Mette takes an earlier flight than us, but we get to spend some time together before her departure.

We take a slow walk around the lake and look at all the newly weds that take picture there. It’s one of the main sites to take pictures at your wedding day.

We also find a little temple dedicated to the emperor that beat back the Chinese in around 1420. Mette read somewhere that you should take a little easy on the believing the dating on some of these temples. It might have been a shrine here 600 years ago, but the building standing today might be much younger.

As the girls go into an art gallery I get my trainers fixed by a street husker. I’m getting better at the same game, so I get a semi decent job done on the shoes and fight of the request for more money. We stroll along the streets in the old quarter looking for a baguette. There is a local dish here must easy compared to kebab back home. But the baguette you get here might also be stuffed with pate, greens and sausage in addition to the grilled meat.
We find a supplier and sit down on the curb to eat it. It’s just the right amount if chili sauce in here. Just so you feel the burning in the earlobes. Yummy.
It’s getting closer to Mette’s departure and we walk back to the hotel. We hang in the lobby talking to an English woman before it’s time to say goodbye.
Three weeks has flown by. Seems like it’s just a few days ago we picked her up at Hong Kong airport. We’ve seen and done a lot since then, but it still feels like yesterday. We don’t do the whole tear dripping goodbye, but with a good hug see Mette of. Once again it’s Snoopy and me alone on the tour.

We take to the streets and get a little more to eat. Nothing spectacular even though the place has been crowded every time we’ve walked by.
We take it slow while waking down to the hotel and sit there for the last hour uploading pictures and releasing a post to the blog. We have transportation from the hotel to the airport and get underway to new adventures.

The international airport opened on new years eve and its brand new. So new there are hardly any shops or restaurants open yet. We spend our last few dongs on a muffin and a juice and wait by the gate for departure.
It’s clearly not a popular flight. We count thirty five people going to Siem Reap this evening. Most people sleep across three seats and it’s quiet and relaxed. When the turbulence hit us I think we all were thinking of the lost Air Asia flight, but no one voiced any concern. Nothing special happened and we touched down in Siem Reap.
The airport is of the oldstyle where you walk from the plane. I have never walked so far on any airport before. We have gotten e-visa already but each and every one was stopped on our way in to the main building. We had to fill out a health form and inform on our whereabouts for the last three weeks. Well inside the building the immigration was a breeze. There are visa on arrival opportunity, but it went through like the well known “hot knife in butter” with the e-visa that has separate immigration counters.
The hotel offered free pickup and we found our driver displaying my name. The most common transport here is a tuk-tuk. A motorcycle with a wagon with a roof. Baggage loaded and us onboard we drove into town.

We arrived so late it’s all dark and we can see little of the town. There are some huge resorts here along the way, and Samsung is ever present with commercials and stores.
The hotel is nice, but the standard of our room is not top notch. Ground floor room with windows toward the stairs. We only have two nights here, so we might get a better room tomorrow or change venue.
New country, new people, new adventures!

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

– Gustave Flaubert

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