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28.01.15 Goodbye Phnom Penh – Hello Sihanoukville

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Up, do Run and Kali, shower, breakfast and then spend some time packing. We’re getting good at packing now. It takes few minutes from chaotic room to departure time.
We still screen everything before it goes in the bag. Is it to smelly? Is it to ripped or torn? Can I use it to something else, like training? Guess we’re gonna be more strict at home as well when we return.
We go out to buy some fruit so we’ll have something for the journey. We’re supposedly bound by mini van to Sihanoukville. Since the bus leaves at 12.30 it’s right in lunch time for us.

Tiger is there as agreed to take us to the bus at 12 sharp. We check out, get our bags in the tuk-tuk and move on. It’s just a five minute ride to the “bus station”. When our bags are on the sidewalk we get the message:”bus not working right. Leave 13:30 instead.” Right. In a situation like that you have no idea if there ever will be a new bus. Katja make them change the plan completely and we get shipped off to another bus station, this is a real one. Not one put in quote-on-quote’s.

It’s cheaper, bigger and it’s there and will leave on time at 13:00. Everything from there moves according to plan.
The bus makes a stop at a “restaurant” and we get something to eat. It’s not much, it’s not good, but it’s filling. Then it’s back on the road and into Sihanoukville.
Sihanoukville is Cambodia beach tourism place number one. It’s lots of different beaches around the city and you will find the cheapest dorm or the most expensive resort. Add the fact that pot / marihuana is almost legal here, and you got all kinds of people gathering here. Beware of the pot, though. We’ve heard that the police gladly “arrest” you for possession so they can extort you for money. In my book you deserve it, so don’t come crying to me.
Getting off the bus in a new place is sure to make you pay to much for a tuk-tuk. The first ride in every place, before the reference is known to you, it’s always a rip off. Two dollar Katja had a plan and got us what we thought was an OK deal. Turn out we paid 66 percent to much. Luckily we talk about small amounts of money, but still…
The hotel we found had four stars, but at a good price. The price for the quality is about right, the stars… Not so much. It’s a lot of wear and tear on this hotel. The closet doors lack a handle and won’t stay closed. The curtains don’t have all their hooks fastened and the paint is peeling off. It smells like the (often) mentioned English hotels. Turns out it’s some kind of disinfectant used against bugs and simultaneously clean the toilet. The air condition don’t really blow all that much air. If you look past that it’s a OK place to stay.
We just leave our bags in the room and head down to the beach. It is just about time for the sunset and perfect timing for dinner. It’s a lot of restaurants down at the beach, and they all bbq fresh fish for ya. We picked a spot, got a sofa in the sand,  and ordered grilled Marlin and Barracuda. It was delicious! We haven’t had fresh fish in ages. We savored every bit of it. I even got mine with grilled potato slices. Heavenly!

The party starts some time after the sun goes down. Which corresponds pretty much with our retreat. We have a plan for tomorrow’s training and need a good night sleep.


In the hands of an able cook, fish can become an inexhaustible source of perpetual delight.

– Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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