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21.02.15 Goodbye Laos – Hello Bali

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We wake to say goodbye to Laos. The hotel don’t start their breakfast serving until seven thirty so we do yogurt and muesli in the room. Ready to depart on today’s journey we check out and head for the airport.

Vientiane international airport is not that big. The check in counter is not open when we arrive so we wait. After check in the immigration control point is not open. So we wait. We wait at the gate. We wait, but you got that by now…

There is nothing really interesting anymore in flying and visiting airports. The airports outside the big Asian hubs don’t hold that much to interest anyone. Kuala Lumpur is one of these hubs, and we travel through KL today. That mean we get a good cup of coffee and a decent meal before moving onwards to Bali.

The only thing worth mentioning from the last flight is one if the flight attendants. Air Asia runs a tight ship regarding their crew. It looks like they have a maximum weight limit, and a demand of freshness and makeup. Going to the toilet during the flight I find it occupied and after a while a flight attendant emerges. With a big bag of makeup and hair spray. The toilet reeked of hair spray. When I later told Katja about her I described her as the woman with enough hair spray to use her as a battering ram for opening the cockpit door. Katja immediately knew of whom I spoke.
This time we’re only spending around three weeks here on Bali. A short week doing Silat, then the Peaceful Warrior camp, then yoga in Ubud. That gives us plenty of room within the allotted thirty days you get with Visa on arrival. The process was a bit unorganized, I must say. You need nothing but passport and 35$. But you need the arrival card and customs card for entry. We got the customs card on the plane but not the arrival card. Filling out in line with the passport as base works, but it’s not recommended.
The signs for visa on arrival was good until we hit the counters. We accidentally stumbled to a counter with a guy sitting alone and no-one in line there. We were looking for the arrival card. Turns out he operates visa on arrival also, but everyone else are queuing at the other counters. We get it in a flash and move onto the lines for immigration. Here we spend a good thirty minutes waiting in line as we got into a line with just one handler. It takes it’s time, but we get through and move on. Bags arrive, we get picked up by the hotel and spend the next hour in the car getting there.
The hotel, or rather a bed and breakfast, is quite nice. We sit with our feet in the pool and enjoy a cold Bintang. It’s good to be back on Bali!

We walk down the road to get some cash from the ATM and some late dinner. I even got to see some football on the telly. Did I mentioned it’s good to be back on Bali?

Don’t talk about heaven if you’ve never been to Bali.

– Toba Beta, Master of stupidity

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