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03.03.15 Peaceful Warrior camp day 2

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First real morning of the Peaceful Warrior camp. Oh ye of little conditioning, he shall pay the price of the parkour training.

Fred has found parkour has a conditioning system that he’s implemented into Kali Majahapit. After doing the first session at seven o’clock of this conditioning, I can honestly say I’m not in as good shape as I initially thought.
We started out with a program for spine mobility. Fred is educated chiropractor and uses that knowledge and experience to make exercises that really benefit the spine. From there it just got hard. We did long stretches on all four moving like babies. Doesn’t sound like much, but I cannot express how I felt during it. It was not that it was only hard on the Core, back and shoulders, but doing it outside on the slabs was an extra challenge on my keyboard soft hands. Katja fared much better than me on this one.
From there we did an hour of meditation. I’m pretty new to the meditation thing. We’ve done mukso in England at the Winter course, but not really worked on it. It felt good to get some instructions on how to work the mind to relax and to connect it to the breath. Two hours of training in the bag before we showered and changed for breakfast. Oh, but we didn’t just shower. From our bathroom we can jump into our private pool and cool down there. Heavenly!


Private sunbed

Private sunbed

Breakfast was good and we relaxed until next training session started at ten.
Kalles Kaviar

Kalles Kaviar hand brought from Sweden to Kuta and then to Seminyak

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

As Richie organized for my Milk chokolate to arrive, Claes made sure Katja got her Kaviar. It was transported by Camilla and then placed in the fridge at the hotel in Kuta. There it was forgotten uponj departure and Claes called the hotel to make sure they took good care of it until he picked it up today. This tube of goodness should be treated with respect. Thanks Claes or making our day!
We did empty hand with Fred with a lot of cool combos in an hour before we did kelit move from Silat for another hour with Claes. We were divided into beginners and advanced and there are lots of good partners to be had here. It’s great when you turn around for a new partner and everyone in the group will be a joy to train with.
Suddenly the day’s physics training was done and we relaxed before dinner. I did tell you about the private pool, yeah?
The food here is very good. Every meal is well prepared and nicely put out for us. The dinner included yet again a variety of both vegetarian and “normal” dishes.
Tonight’s Fred’s Personal Development conference. He’s talked about Buddhism, and spent the time on the seven rays. I will not do that justice by writing to much about it, but I want to say I liked his way of presenting it. He don’t claim to have any answers for other than himself, and that these beliefs may change tomorrow if evidence and knowledge should support it. That makes for a nice presentation on a subject that more than touches on religion.
Back in the room I got finished a blog post that hopefully goes live tomorrow.

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.

– C. S. Lewis

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