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08.03.15 Peaceful Warrior camp day 7

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So the camp it’s coming to a end today. There it’s still five more hours of training though. 

Another six o’clock morning with stick work. At the last hour we played with the variations around a well known pattern. Some of these variations was introduced to us in the Philippines in 2009, but are no less fun to do today. Trying to flip the stick in one hand while hitting with the other is still not easy, but easier than it was in the earlier days. Guess the sticks are more a part of me now.
I passed on James’ yoga, as my wrists hurts from yesterday’s parkour conditioning. Feeling old and crippled I took a long bath instead feeling my back slowly easing up.
From breakfast we did some quick packing before we started on the weeks last class. It’s a fun and games class where the instructors do more of the entertaining stuff. After Claes, Fred and James had their go Mike was asked to do a session before David closed it up. Both did a great job, both motivating, explaining and correcting the class.
Respect the piglet

Respect the Piglet

Suddenly it’s all over. A week has passed with 37 hours of training, 5 evenings of conferences, 18 meals eaten, indefinite litres of water downed, old friendships rekindled and new friendships forged. It’s all about the people. That the instructors where great was good, but that the training partners where so good makes the camp a huge success. You can have the best teacher ever, but with a sucky partner there is no fun. Thank you all for your friendship, willingness to train and knowledge shared!
Say goodbye to the nice private house and pool

Say goodbye to the nice private house and pool

We did lunch and there was lots of goodbyes as people left for the airport, or for spending time at other places. We got a car to Ubud and are back here to do some yoga and to relax before the next training regime sets in. Several weeks of Muay Thai training in Thailand awaits us in a week’s time.
We get installed in the hotel, deliver the laundry and go out for pizza. The best pizza since Darch pizza in Perth. We get to bed early as we are tired from the weeks training.
“But, reader, there is no comfort in the word “farewell,” even if you say it in French. “Farewell” is a word that,in any language, is full of sorrow. It is a word that promises absolutely nothing.”
― Kate DiCamillo, The Tale of Despereaux

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