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07.03.15 Peaceful Warrior camp day 6

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Friday morning starts with more parkour conditioning. Lila gives the class and it’s packed with exercises. 

We do the spine mobility first, then set off with parkour moves. Sweat it’s pouring from every part of my body as I crawl, jump, side jump, walk like a crocodile and a crab over the floor. We cheer each other on and the feeling of unity and brotherhood is strong. We start together we finish together! Calisthenics training (use of your own bodyweight) is really good, and produces muscles that work to move you rather than larger muscles for show. We ended the class with some stretching, reminding me of the need to do more of that. Then we did some meditation.
After breakfast we did a class with Guillaume covering hubud. High tempo and good fun. This was followed by a class with the use of foam sticks and pads. Intense energy and one of the best classes during the camp, for my part. Claes drove it home and Mike and I had a blast keeping each other on edge with encouragement and actively using the pads. When class was over I was so sweat it ran a continued stream of sweat from my shorts. I promise, it was sweat!
After lunch I cooled down in the room for a while. Air condition has rarely felt so good.
At four we’re at it again and now it’s Fred teaching kerambit. It’s a farmer’s tool used in south east Asia and a weapon we rarely get to train with. Fred showed us some of the application from the Kali Majahapit curriculum, and just briefly showed us where it goes on from there.
James finished the days training by another hour of Taiji Quan and Mats and I tried to decipher the moves and to make us of them. Another session with movements from James that shows the best sides of the internal martial arts.
Now it’s time for the final part of Kali Majahapit grading. We sit around the floor and watch as the ones that grade do a demo. It’s a lot of good moves to be seen, especially from the two guys grading to black belt. They each have to do light sparring with Guillaume and he also shows why he carries his third Dan belt. A nice tribute both to Fred and the graders to see his students from different places in the world performer as they did. Four new kasamas (apprentice instructor) and two new black belts. I salute you all!
The evening was filled with another conference covering the topic of how associations and cravings relate into the spirituality. Before the conference started next year’s Peaceful Warrior camp was announced. It’ll be in Vietnam and with options for five or ten days. Better start your saving now so you can join next year.
A few of us ended the night with a little talk by the pool side. Another day has passed and it’s unbelievable that the camp ends tomorrow.
There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.
― Frank Herbert

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