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10.03.15 yoga

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After a good night’s sleep we’re ready to go to yoga. Today’s first class isn’t until ten so it’s a relaxed and slow morning.

Les Leventhal is here teaching. Some of you may remember us being very fond of him. Katja’s been accepted into a one month teacher training with him in July/August and it’s nice to take some classes with him now.
He does not disappoint. Even though the last week included some yoga practice it wasn’t really a full flow exercise as today’s class. It was wonderful to do the back twists and some other I-don’t-know-the-name-for-it-poses. Afterwards we’re thirsty and hungry on top of the delicious feeling you get from being really tired in the muscles.
We do lunch at yoga barn with some great vegetarian food. I had no idea coconut “bacon” would be good. It was though, and it went very well with my BLT wrap and side salad. The Australian girls we shared table with was surprised when the waitress served me two such wraps, but hey, I’m big and hungry. Step aside girls!
Katja's vegetarian taco

Katja’s vegetarian taco

In the room afterwards we worked on the blog and pictures a little.
We are doing Fly High yoga this evening. A different way of doing body alignment. It comes highly recommended from our friend Regi and we drive up to Radiantly Alive yoga studio. The creator of Fly High is teaching it there two times a week. It rains, but that does not deter us from driving.
Water fountain at our hotel

Water fountain at our hotel

Getting ready for driving like a local in the rain

Getting ready for driving like a local in the rain

It’s utterly strange to hang upside down like a bat, but the feeling of stretching of the spine is great. It’s a little chaotic and not really what I would have from a class, so I don’t think I’ll go back. Still, it was cool to try, and Jose was a funny and very likable teacher.
We drive to our favorite Masakan Padang to get some spicy Rendang. It’s still there, still popular among the locals, and still have spicy rendang.
Back at the room we relax and Katja falls asleep at 21:30. I read a little before I also drift into oblivion.
Sleep is my lover now, my forgetting, my opiate, my oblivion.
― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife

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