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11.03.15 BABI GULING

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We had the alarm clock on for the first day since the camp. We’re doing three consecutive hours of yoga from nine o’clock. Better get going.

Denise is teaching ninety minutes of power yoga before we do another ninety minutes of yin yoga. A half hour break in between to catch the breath, stop sweating and get set for the second class.
Power yoga (keep in mind this is written by a yoga novice) are pretty fluent yoga with lots of movement to keep the heart rate up. It’s a popular training form as it gives strength, flexibility and cardio at the same time. Dennis is Bex’s teacher, but Bex (one of our favorites) is out teaching somewhere in the world when we spent time here.
I sweat like I’m about to empty all bodily fluids. Man, this was hard. I literally have a constant stream down both arms and from my nose when I stand in downward facing dog (hands and feet on the floor, bum to the roof).
When the class is finally over I just walk around in a haze trying to dry up a little before the next one behind.
Katja looking good in indian dress

Katja looking good in indian dress

Yin yoga is softer and more relaxed than power yoga. That does mean it’s any less painful. On the contrary, actually.  Today we did rolling on tennis balls to release the muscles and to open energy paths. Try if you don’t believe me. Take two tennis balls and put them under your shoulder blades and easily roll around on them. Or put them under your bum cheeks while lying down with feet in the air, while slowly moving the feet to left and right. Ok, believe me now? Keep doing stuff like that for ninety minutes. It’s said that the best part of hitting your head repeatedly against the wall is that it feels so good when you stop. There is some truth to that. One and a half hour after we started I stumble down the stairs and into the shower. Mostly cold water makes for a refreshing wash and I’m good ‘n ready for lunch.
Healthy lunch

Healthy lunch

After having eaten at the yoga barn cafe we had it to see if we can get Katja’s backpack repaired. The flight from Laos included a big tear in one of the harnesses on Katja’s backpack. Annoying as it makes it hard to carry correctly.
Torn carry harness

Torn carry harness 

We got a few tips on place to go from Gede at our hotel reception, but the first was closed and the second we didn’t find. We took a coffee at Anomali and googled our hearts out to see if we could find anything about other backpacks being repaired around here. Maybe we’re lucky with the mail we sent, but so far it seems that gaffa tape might be the solution before next flight. Worst case includes buying a new pack, but then I hope it’s covered by our insurance.
After cruising the back streets of Ubud and getting sent to different places, only to find them tutup (closed). Darn! It starts raining again(!) as we go on the last stretch back to the hotel. We’re supposedly going for babi guling down the road a bit for dinner, but we’ll have to see if the rain stops.
The rain trickles but cannot stop our hunger for babi guling. We dress like locals in plastic non breathing poncho and drive off. It’s not far and the rain stops just as we park at the warung. It’s delicious. I have two portions and could easily had a third if I wasn’t thinking about the quote:”Once on the lip, forever on the hip”.
We visit a couple of yoga stores so Katja can buy more clothing. Just because we need it. Or?

Ganesha @ the yoga clothing shop

Anyway… The food at the end of the rainbow is a trip to Frozen Yogi for some frozen yogurt at the end of the day.


Frozen yogurt is tastier than ice cream, nobody is too old for cartoons, bald men are sexy, chocolate is the best medicine, BIG books are better, cats secretly rule the planet, and everything should be available in the color pink, including monster trucks.

― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

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