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14.03.15 Acro yoga

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Les has a morning flow at eight that we go to. A deep stretching class that had half the room in tears at any given time. It does’nt have to be hard training to be good training.

We make sure we got all our limbs and stumble back to the hotel in time for breakfast. The staff know us by now and are ready to serve our daily order. Guess we’re pretty predictable that way.
After a while we take the motorcycle and go into town. We grab a coffee and a pastry while looking at the traffic flowing by. Katja got a letter to send and it’s good to know your way around town when you’re looking for stamps. It’s easier than having to go to the post office every time.
We split for lunch as Katja wanted vegetarian and I a little more short burned energy. I get a spaghetti carbonara and are ready for the next class.
It’s been a while since we did Acro yoga and it was cool to do it again. Carlos is still running the show and we got together with a man named Bagus as a team. The three of us worked good together and made a lot of nice poses.
There were a lot of people jamming outside after class but this time we did not have the time. We’re booked in on a massage half an hour after class, so we barely make it there in time.
The massage was soooooo good. I struggled to keep awake but I really wanted to feel every little nook and cranny that got probed. Nice relaxing music playing, fans in the ceiling and quiet masseuses. Heavenly.
You get quite oily in a massage like that and the soap in the shower only did so much to break apart the oily cover of my body. After a while I got tired of scrubbing and declared success.
We went to dinner at La Ramona. A fusion restaurant we got introduced to last time we were here. They had changed the menu completely, but it was still amazingly good. It’s a must visit place in Ubud! We spoke with the chef again as he came to the table to check up on us. He and his sister (or cousin) runs it together and they are both very nice people. Katja was pretty full after dinner, but I had saved space for a frozen yogurt.
From there we drive home and saw a video about nutrition. Kind of ironic, right? Anyway, I fell asleep like innocence reincarnated.
Excercise is your king, and nutrition your queen. Together they creat your fitness kingdom.
– Jack Lalane

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Humongen! The big guy! The man, the myth, the legend! And then theres' me. The nice guy in the house. The man without cooking skills, but with five stars on the Playstation. Boss at work, relaxed at home. What you see is what you get. Life is good. I choose it to be.

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