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18.03.15 Motorbike ride for No Poo project

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We sleep in long today. Even though the next door gym “Dragon Muay Thai” start their pad work at 6:30. I notice, go to the toilet and fall deeply and madly in love with the bed once again.

Ho ho ho, what muscle soreness we wake up with. I feel like a twenty year older version of myself. It’s said a man is only as old as the woman he feels. I’m lucky to have Katja, but I do think we’re equally stabby across the floor this morning.
After a good breakfast we rent a motorcycle and drive into the world. Katja’s no poo project is a family project, and it seems we’re still a good distance from the final deadline. Today we’re after organic yogurt that will be mixed with an egg yolk and used instead of shampoo. I don’t judge, I drive the motorcycle.
We end up on a long drive, and I must say I’m impressed with the Thai drivers. They’re quite civilised, they even stop for red light. Wouldn’t you know. Driving here is absolutely easier than Cambodia.
We finally find what we’re looking for and return to TMT for lunch. Then it’s a pit stop at the hotel to cool down before the four o’clock session. We even manage to get a couple of blog posts out.
Then another hard training where it’s clear that yesterday’s talk of hydration has been neglected on the motorcycle. Normally we’ve run through the classes with one water bottle each. This time we drank three. And then, if you’ve been there, you get all water sick. Nicely played of both of us. We finish class, and keep drinking. When this is written I have chugged down about four liters of water and a water melon smoothie. Maybe I have to go to the bathroom soon? I don’t know, doesn’t really feel like it. Probably gonna wake up in the middle of the night with a fire hose situation, but I’ll handle it. Hopefully we’ll not do this again.
We spend some time with Rich and Nezih before heading back to the room. Nezih is a crossfit guy who do both brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai here, and now he’s gotten Rich on board. Rich is already into Happkido a Korean form if jiu jitsu so I think he was easy to lead along. We’ll try it out as well. The instructor here is supposed to be very good and he even speaks English. So far the only real frustration is understanding, or lack thereof, when the trainers give commands. R turns to L and L to R. This means that “Right block” turns onto something like “Light brock”. I guess you’ll get the picture with cross, block, right, round etc. We’ll probably be masters of command when we leave.
It is chronic water shortage in the body that causes most diseases of the human body.

– Masaru Emoto, The Healing Power of Water

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