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19.03.15 BJJ in the morning

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Just before lights out last night we decided to do Brazilian jiu jitsu this morning and Muay Thai in the evening. Let’s get to it then.

The BJJ class starts one hour later than the Muay Thai in the morning and it gave us a little more time for breakfast.
During breakfast we checked the tax returns and so far we’re very positive to the outcome of that. It’s been expected, but still it’s nice to see it on paper.
Rich is there for the morning class of BJJ and he and I start playing together after warm up. I promised myself not to use muscles this morning, but play with my knowledge of body mechanics and structure. Right! So much for the thought though, I spent so much energy in my arms alone that I was completely wasted after class.
  • We warmed up
  • Did technical drills
  • Sparred
  • Core work out from hell
After a while the room was so hot it was insane. Everyone was running with sweat and when we did four rounds of three minutes with playing and rolling at the end of class I was so beat. The guys I trained with were all nice and helped me out since I’m a rookie on the floor.
BJJ really is a cool thing with a lot of mind games. You cannot really win any fight if you don’t use your head. It’s chess, sort of. But as I told one of the guys I rolled with today, It’s better to know how to move your pawns than to try check mate at first move.
After class we got out into the thirty degrees outside which felt cool and soft. There’s a garden hose here that are used for watering the plants, but I can honestly say it’s good for cooling down after training also.
We grabbed some take out and headed back to the hotel and went straight into the pool. Just floating around was delicious and I have hope I’m recovered before the four o’clock Muay Thai.
Last session yesterday took away a big part of the skin underneath my right big toe, so I’ll try to fix that during the midday break as well. But what’s a little soreness under a toe when the rest of the body is screaming in agony?
After relaxing, blogging and cooling down we go to Muay Thai class. Another two and half hour of hitting, kicking and clinching. As sweaty and tiresome as before. Three young boys attended today. They were not ready for what hit them. One of the kids father has taken then along and I’ll be surprised if I see them again anytime soon.
We were better hydrated today and even though the last class was hard we’re not nearly as blasted as yesterday.
While waiting on dinner our BJJ trainer comes by. I tell him I really enjoyed class and we talk a little. His name is Roger Huerta and he’s a former UFC fighter. He’s still young, only 31, and have several more fights left over him, but he now fights in other organizations. A lot can be learned from Wikipedia. He’s a very nice and charming guy and we chatted a little about training. He incorporates a lot of training to supplement stretching, and I have to say that sounds good to me.
Katja and I agree we’ll stay with today’s regime a couple of more days. Roger us going to teach in Kazakhstan, so he might be gone a while while we’re here. Better get the most out of him while he’s here.
We are tired, sleepy and ready for bed. It’s now nine and I’m about to turn off the lights and roll over playing dead.
Time on the mat will eventually surpass talent and ability.
– Gracie Mag


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