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22.03.15 Rest day and Phuket TrickEye museum

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Rest day for the both of us. Sunday is a quiet day here in the street and all the training facilities are closed.

The street we live in its probably the highlight of health and fitness in Phuket, maybe all of Thailand. There are crossfit, Muay Thai, boxing, gyms, protein shakes, massages and healthy juices and food all around. Today it’s just quiet and we sleep long the both of us.
We have a meal plan at Tiger that ends today so we go over and get breakfast there before testing out coffee at a different venue.
Katja gets a hand and foot massage before we plans our day out.
Things move slowly and before we’re ready to go it’s lunch time and we go back to Tiger. We buy meal plans for next week also, have lunch then head out.
We drive into Phuket town, but here it’s dead quiet. We find an open cafe and get a cup of coffee before driving around some more. We have looked up a Trick-eye museum and head there.
It was such a blast. It’s based on paintings that you interact with and that are painted to create an optical illusion. Just look at these pictures.
We drive up towards Monkey hill to get a view over the city. Turns out it’s closed for traffic 16-19. We’re not doing that climb on for today so we settle halfway up at a restaurant and look at the view while zipping a fruit juice.


Enjoying a juice with a view

Enjoying a juice with a view

And how come people working in tourists places like this is so god damn insufferable? Whenever there’s a monopoly on service it plummets. It’s an international phenomenon, whether it be airports or tourists attractions. Greed, maybe? Our indifference? Hard to say.
We plot a course back to the hotel and dump our stuff they’re before heading out to get a massage. Think, we’ve been in Thailand in a whole week without a real massage. A scandal, by any measurement.

“Side-of-the-Road” decorations are more grand here than home


Riding the motorbike selfie

You get the massage quite publicly here. As it gets dark outside and the lights are on inside all who passes by can take a look at what happening. Not that I care. It was to good to be kneaded like a pizza dough.
Since the Tiger grill is closed we tried one of the local street shops for dinner. Not good. Half my fish was onion and leek. I’m not kidding. A few pieces of meat and two slices of bell pepper, the rest was onion and leek. And if you know me you know it’s not my thing.
I get some real food at a restaurant further down the street before we go home. Luckily the tv in our room has a channel that shows Liverpool vs United, so I get to watch football while Katja reads yoga studies.
When it’s time to go to bed I fall asleep like a baby. Tomorrow is another day of training. Juhu!
Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.
– Bill Shankly


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