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02.04.15 Ribs

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My rib still hurts this morning so I pass on the BJJ. I go with Katja to see what Alex is teaching so I can be up to speed visual if not technical tomorrow. 

Getting more cash. It's easy to burn through the wad of bills

Getting more cash. It’s easy to burn through the wad of bills

The class focused on alternatives from the back and Katja had a very nice and good partner to work with. It is kind of strange though to see your wife getting strangled by a stranger while you hope she can manage an escape.
After lunch Katja wants to try the Combat Conditioning class. She do that and go for a massage afterwards that leaves me alone for some hours. I write some articles, not for the blog but for something else, lay by the pool, work on the blog and take a nap. All a man should do in a day.
Katja brings back more food, as it’s still as long time until dinner, with a private Muay Thai session in between. As I continue to work on the blog we’re getting closer to bring up to date with the publishing. Finally.
And behold! We’re up to date when this is written.
We go to the private again at 18:15 and find that there’s a double booking of Lam and that I lose the draw for the tall blond lady. I get another trainer instead and luckily for me he’s full of energy and gives a lot of constructive feedback. Still, I hate being ditched like that and it just enters into the line of things making Tiger less of a choice for a potential return.
The training is good and we are satisfied with our progress and our own performance. Muay Thai is more fun this way. To bad we paid for normal training, but find the joy in the extra cost of the private lessons. For a traveler just here for the training it’s no big cost for each lesson, but for us traveling on a budget it’s noticeable.
Finished with our private class

Finished with our private class

Getting some watermelon from the lady down the street

Getting some watermelon from the lady down the street

After training it’s business as usual. Take away dinner, two soda waters, some water melon and a little TV. It’s scary how fast it’s possible to fall into routine, even though this is a healthy one.
There's a lot of tattoos around here. This is just one little example

There’s a lot of tattoos around here. This is just one little example

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

– Mike Murdock

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