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03.04.15 Nommy Friday

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Another day another training session. Or two. BJJ in the morning private Muay Thai in the evening. 

Routine life has it’s upsides. There is nothing that surprise you and there is minimal resistance during a day.
We get ready for BJJ and I try this session even though my rib is not completely healed. Katja and I work together on the technical training and I pass on the sparring to keep the rib for another day.
Katja do very well in sparring and had a great day today. There are a couple of decent BJJ practitioners here and one of them did two round with Katja today. After the last sparring she complimented Katja on her progress and her skills developed in such short time. Since this girl has been mostly sparring  with the boys instead of the other girls in the group just added to the praise. That’s my girl.
We had a date with Nezih for lunch as he leaves tomorrow. We managed to get both a massage and a cold fruit juice before we met him at 13:00. It’s been a pleasure getting to know Nezih. He’s a real stand up guy that we believe we’ll see somewhere around the world at a camp or seminar. We will definitely stay in contact. He has some unused private class tickets that we buy from him so we’re good for another few rounds of that.
Heading out for lunch

Heading out for lunch

Back at the hotel we spend time by the pool where I write another article and we discuss it’s content. Principles vs techniques. A good talk about an important topic of martial arts.
Pool side selfie

Pool side selfie

Writing a article

Writing an article

After a power nap in the room to cool down after almost melting away in the sun we’re slowly getting ready for the afternoon private. I’m trying to remember all of yesterday’s feedback to see if I can manage most of it and move even further forward today.
Local bee of some kind by the door to our room

Local bee of some kind by the door to our room

The dog next door

The dog next door

And again we get a not-so-great experience when we arrive for training. I get yet another guy to do my private. I grumble, but what can I do? It sucks, because it takes a little while to get to understand what they say, how they position the pads for different strikes and you never get to do any light sparring if they don’t trust you. And they need a couple of rounds with you to build that trust.
Katja got that third consecutive round with her trainer and they work out good together. It’s cool to see Katja do sparring in Muay Thai as well as the BJJ this morning. She moves good, is getting better at keeping the guard in place and know a few dirty tricks now.
I have a decent training, but it is not a guy I would have picked. He sense it and they promise that Lim, Lam’s brother, will train me again on Monday. I believe it when I see it.
Waiting for dinner

Waiting for dinner

As it’s Friday we get a little frozen yogurt for dessert. It’s really good. Even better than the one in Ubud. Nommy! Yup, that’s the name of the place.
Nommy! Frozen yogurt

Nommy! Frozen yogurt

We disinfect the equipment like any other night before turning in. There are serious risk of stafylococcus infection when there is sweat and people’s dead and not-so-dead skin everywhere. Hopefully everyone is cleaning their equipment as routinely as we are. Staffs are a natural part of your skin, but it is not something you want to trade with other people. The mats here are disinfected after every training. There are foot baths to use before entering the mats, and as explained, people are asked to disinfect their own equipment every day. So far so good. Fingers crossed for another two weeks with no incidents.
 I sing and play the guitar, and I’m a walking, talking bacterial infection.

– Kurt Cobain

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