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04.04.15 Fast and Furious 

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Yesterday we asked the restaurant for a few boiled eggs and we have them for breakfast. Nothing is really open before we do Muay Thai at eight in the morning.

Breakfast for a champion

Breakfast for a champion

It’s a cool class with few people attending. The pad work is good and I have two good sparring rounds with a Swiss and a guy from Hong Kong. We also meet a Norwegian girl in the group that’s from Tromsø. Katja gets good sparring rounds with her as well. Seeing that the Swiss guy is 22 and half my age, and that Eirin, the Norwegian girl, is turning 21 and are under half of Katja’s age, I feel we do OK.

We spend about ten minutes before the three hundred sit ups and one hundred push ups to learn the entry ritual of the fighters. I don’t really know if this is Tiger specific, or if it’s a general ritual. The lead instructor in our group is not much easier to understand than Mr. Miyagi we left at beginners class. It’s directed to all four sides of the ring and is a tribute to your coach and your team. It was cool to have done it, even though I think we all can agree it’s not likely to be used by any of us.
Katja doing pad work. Charging up for a left kick

Katja doing pad work. Charging up for a left kick

Getting ready for round three of pad works

Getting ready for round three of pad works

We go back to the hotel and shower with no hot water and return to Tiger for some more food. Luckily we met Nezih on our way out of there. He’s leaving for Turkey today. He’s been a very nice meet and we agree to keep in touch.
We head out to get some cheese and sausage for this evening. From there Katja takes a foot massage and I sleep a little. When she comes home and wakes me I’m so far in la-la-land I’m almost lost. But I slowly fade back into view and we head out to go to the movies.
Fast & Furious 7 is showing and it’s an orgie in both Fast add Furious. I like it. It’s a decent entertaining movie and the last one Paul Walker got to do before he passed. The last tribute to him was way better than expected. Nicely done.
I have earlier mentioned the Thai king and peoples worshipping of him. Today we experienced something different. Before the move started everyone stands while they play the hymn for the king. Really not all that impressive footage of him, but hey, who am I to judge?
Katja can barely walk after the movies done. She has really gotten something wrong with that foot. It’s from this morning’s rope skipping. I get some anti-inflammatory cream and some painkillers and hopefully it’ll do the trick.
We have dinner at the mall and are surprisingly satisfied with what we get served. Katja did the crispy pata. You might remember that from the Philippines. It’s pigs knuckle with crispy skin. Absolutely delicious. Both portions are so huge that we take some of it to go. Maybe for a little late evening snack. And finally we get some really good coffee. It’s been a long time since we had a real good cuppa joe. It really upped the day.
There’s a motorcycle theme this week in the mall and there are several really nice looking bikes here. Among them a new retro looking Honda CB 1100. I check the prize home and compare it to what it would set med back here. I was shocked to find that the difference is just 30.000 NOK. 145′ here and 175′ back home. Few Thais are able to bring that much money to the table taking the fact that the average salary is about 3500 NOK a month. You need to save up for a long long time to buy something like that here.
The drive home is ok even though it’s a lot of traffic and it’s dark outside. As aforementioned the drivers here are relaxed and the speed is seldom over sixty km/hour.
Before we leave the shopping mall we get some big ass water guns. It’s soon Songkran here. Songkran is the celebration of the Thai new year and run from  the 13 -15th of April. It’s also know as the Water festival as the throwing of water symbolizes washing off old sins. I’ll write more about it when it happens. But at least we’re now prepared when it does.
We spend the evening home at the hotel with cheese, sausage and soda water while looking at a couple of episodes from Netflix.
I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.

– Patrick Henry

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