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07.04.15 Boat trip to snake island

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What do you do when you’re injured? You take a break. It’s not fun, it’s not what you want, but you have to. Let the day begin.

Since we both are in the half speed section we cancel all training today and take the day off. We sleep long, have a nice long breakfast and do a lot of office work. Papers to be filled out, mail needs to be written and a little research for the time after our free stay in Chiang Mai.
Suddenly it’s one thirty and we rent a motorbike and go looking for a boat. We want to see something other than Phuket island and head towards the Rawai beach where day traffic is run.
We grab lunch at a seafood place, but it’s but worth more text than that.
Katja broker a deal while I go to the ATM and buy some water. Four thousand Bath for a few hours. We don’t really think about it, but Katja admits she didn’t bargain. Good thing the guy was honest. When we pay him he gives back three thousand and looks rather stupidly at us. What were we thinking? Four thousand Bath? Damn, that’s a thousand Norwegian. For two hours boat ride. Stupid us, but still lucky, though.
The boat man takes us to a near deserted beach. There’s a Danish family there, leaving as we arrive, and at the other end there’s a wedding photo session of some sort going on. The beach is ours.
We spend the next couple of hours in the sun and water enjoying the peace and quiet. There’s an abandon house here, but the signs kept me from checking it out.
Should we check out the house?

Should we check out the house?

Keep out

Keep out

I also saw a snake in the water when I was swimming, but failed, sort of, to inform Katja until our departure.
The tide went out while we were there so we had to wade out to the boat that was now on the outside of the reef.
At the other end of the ride back we had to wade on to shore and doing so passing the recording of what we believe is a music video.
Back on the bike we drove to Mr India, the Indian restaurant, again. It tasted just as good today, and they actually got the order straight. Even though the waitresses spoke no English. We’re good at pointing to things we want.
We have both been suffering from some serious heat rashes these last few days. It’s starting to calm down, but this is the worst heat rash ever. Heat rashes appears when sweat is stuck under your skin, unable to go all the way to the surface. Here it irritates the skin, and in worst case cause inflammation and a good base for bacteria. Yummy.
You sweat so that the body can cool down, but if it’s too humid it doesn’t really help, since the sweat don’t evaporate from your body and cool you down. Then you sweat more and the circle is going round and round. It’s not dangerous, but it itches and doesn’t really look good. Hence most pictures at a distance.
We got some Nommy frozen yogurt and watched some tv. We’ll go to training tomorrow, but will play it cool and probably do no sparring.
Yummy Nommy.

Yummy Nommy.



I don’t do well with snakes and I can’t dance.

– Robin Williams

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