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06.03.15 Ribs and foot

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I wake up and feel nothing of the rib that’s been bothering me. But how long did Adam stay in paradise? 

After the classic breakfast downstairs we pack up and move out to do BJJ. Roger is still in charge and we do some nice warm-up exercises, that we’ll bring back home, before we moved to technical drills.
I work with Benjamin, a big Swede of about two meters size. It’s cool to train with larger guys now and then to make sure the techniques work properly and not because of my weight and height.
When we move into sparring it’s ok for two rounds, but on the third I again go with Benjamin and get him and his weight on top of the bruised rib. Damn, that hurts. Bad.
I crawl over to the wall and focus on breathing so not to pass out. I have no idea how bad this is now. I’ll grab some pain killers at that hotel room, but I think it’s gonna take some time to heal this properly. Busted ribs have a normal recovery period of twelve weeks. I have two weeks left of training here before four rest days and then five-six more days of hardcore training at Mandirigma camp. Let’s see how it plays out.
Katja happy with one of her new t-shirts from yesterday

Katja happy with one of her new t-shirts from yesterday

For Katja the foot it’s slightly better than yesterday, but she takes care of it and don’t run or otherwise irritate it. Hopefully she’ll be a hundred percent again soon.
Midday is normal with pool time and a little rest. We get some food at five and are making ready for private Muay Thai.
I get the same trainer as last time. Not who I was promised, but at least I got the same guy two times in a row. The rib is hindering me a bit and I’m definitely not firing on all cylinders.
Katja also struggle with her foot as the classic Muay Thai rhythm of the footwork requires you to be on the ball of the back foot. Which of course is the one with the problem and pain.
We won’t do private tomorrow, but booked the guys for Wednesday. Unsure what kind of training I’m doing tomorrow, if any at all.
My team Vålerenga plays seasonal opening game tonight. The match starts at midnight and since everybody know I need my beauty sleep, so we’ll see when I get up tomorrow, as long as I get my VPN service to work as wanted.
Me trying to get the VPN to work on the PC

Me trying to get the VPN to work on the PC

Edit: I got the live stream of the football match to run about 25 minutes into the game. We won 3-1 and had a great start of the season. Ære være!
 There’s nothing you can do about busted ribs. You just have to wait for them to pop back into place again.
– Kevin McCloud

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