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06.05.15 Tourists

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We will be tourists today. Look at temples, Buddha’s and more. Crawl the streets of Bangkok. But alas, what happened? 

We went down to do morning yoga at True Fitness before breakfast. A nice and extremely flexible lady teach the class. She’s good, have understandable English and I hurt in my abductors, you know the one on the inside of your upper thighs, and have a backbend like a eighty year old.
We go by the coffee place recommended to us by the Dutch man on Monday and get take away coffee. Katja find they have granola and yogurt and get that as take away to. A little different breakfast for her this morning.
Back, shower, change,  breakfast, make ready, go. We’re on our way to the post office when we run into this taxi driver, Joy. We ended up booking him for the day and are now going to the floating market south of Bangkok. First we stopped by the post office and got the package away. Ben, another one for you. Hope you don’t need to get a bigger apartment before we get home.
Big in size, small in weight

Big in size, small in weight

Then we drove off to see the floating market. Spoiler alert; stupid stupid stupid! What a crappy thing!
The floating market is mentioned in the Lonely Planet book, in my findings on top things to do in Bangkok. They can all go and.. Yeah.
The floating market has its roots and history back from the days transport was easily done on water. You could transport enormous weight and volume alone as long as you had a boat. All that is gone, of course, with the modernization of the society. What’s left is a tourist trap hardly worth mentioning.
The area itself is huge, and there are channels dug out to accommodate the long tail boosts. The shops, if it’s right to call then that, all sell the same shitty products. The same junk you get on the street here or in Hanoi, or on the market in Vientiane. Junk, pure and simple.
It takes an hour to go there. The short round with no temple and no elephant and monkey show is one hour thirty minutes. More traffic on the way back and we spent over four hours on this. Talk about a waste of time and money.
We got back into the city and asked to be taken to the Grand Palace. To bad it closes in thirty minutes. Ok, lunch at a place we found online. Restaurant closed. What’s with this day? We ended up eating street food of unknown origin, but they claimed it was pork.
Then we drove to Wat Poh where the reclining Buddha is. Reclining Buddha’s are the one where he lies on his side in full length and symbolizes his accession into nirvana. He’s fulfilled and will be the One.
This image is huge! The statue is 46 meters long and covered with gold paint. It’s the longest reclining Buddha in the world, I think. It’s an impressive structure. We’re not the only tourists here so we walk a little in line to pass around it, but it’s worth it.
The temperature outside is burning hot. I don’t have the details, but we’re at a place where I think my shoes will melt. Since we left the hotel this morning for sightseeing we’ve been away for almost eight hours and seen two things. Yay.
Back at the hotel we cool down a little before we go out to dinner. Katja found this nice Mexican place online that’s close by. Let’s do that.
The place is awesome. Good margaritas, cold beer, hot chili and great service. It’s off Soi 11 so it’s quiet and no cars our motorbike pass by. It’s cooled down to normal Asia temperature so we sit outside tonight.
Happily we walk the short way back to the hotel and make ready for tomorrow morning. Another shot at the Grand Palace we’ll be taken then. Oh, and we’re meeting a friend, Sverre, tomorrow for dinner. That’s gonna be great.
“I can’t think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything.”
― Bill Bryson

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