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23.05.15 Shopping, Massage and Buffet

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Rain. Again. No worries, the raincoats they sell here will keep you safe from the rain. Though you might drown in your own sweat from walking around in as plastic bag.

One of our last days in Thailand and we have a short, but important, list of things to do. We rent a motorbike and head off into the world. We drop off laundry right next door to the hotel so we’ll leave with minimum of dirty clothing on Monday. Two separate bags for dark and lighter clothes. We get assurances they will wash them separately, but I guess we’ll see when it’s returned to us tomorrow.
We’ve taken out a lot from our bags this morning. Some of it is left at the hotel, some things get sent home. Checking prices on a few things at home shows it’s a better deal to send home the things we already got than buying it back home. Another packet away. I have no idea how many packages we’ve sent home it total, but it’s a lot.
Did I mention the rain?
We drive to Maya shopping center so Katja could, SURPRISE, shop. A new t-shirt and shorts later we drove to SP chicken to have lunch and buy meat for tomorrow’s hike. It’s the third time we eat there and that is probably the most times we’ve eaten at one single place here. Pure quality meat with no nonsense side dishes. It’s also the third time we bring pork as lunch on the hike. Why change a winning formula?
You know you’re a regular when the lady taking the take away order says: yeah yeah I know, no sauce, no heat just chop up!
We kill a hour with a fruit juice before driving to the meeting place for the massage. Wanna meets us as agreed and takes us to her house. There’s three mattresses on the floor and this is our home for the next four hours.
We start by getting massaged by Wanna technique by technique to understand each motion. After we’ve worked us through the booklet with about forty different techniques I ask Katja if we’ll be finished after only two hours. Nope. The last two hours we run through the whole program on each other as practice. We conclude that a have a lot to work on.
We say goodbye to Wanna and drive out of town and to a big hot pot buffet. This is a concept we don’t have in Norway. You get a table and they bring you a little barbecue heated with coal. You pour water on it like a moat where you can cook things and grill whatever you want on the island in the middle. The choice of meat, vegetables, fish, clams and a whole lot of things I don’t know the name for is extraordinary. The tables are long add plenty. In addition to whatever you can barbecue yourself there’s also a table with pre-cooked food like chicken, fries, pizza and more. There’s also as whole table with things looking like something out of the nose of King Kong. I guess the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese love it. We enjoy a great meal and Katja downs a liter of beer. I enjoy pastry for dessert and luckily stop eating before I roll over and fall asleep on the spot.
Katja wants frozen yogurt instead off pastry so wet drive into town to a place we’ve spotted. I get a taste of her’s and it’s really delicious. Seems like they’re far apart but good, the ones we find here in Asia.
Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt

Water for tomorrow’s hike and milk for the granola for breakfast. Gotta love 7-11. Then we pack for tomorrow’s hike and have a chat with Katja’s brother. I make ready the last two blog posts and we’re back on track.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

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