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11.07.15 Movie Night

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Wow, yoga? Really? Yup, again and again.
Katja runs off after breakfast while I just roll over and sleep a little longer. 

When she comes back we go for lunch across the street at the pasta place. Then it’s Acro yoga at 14:00.

Bex and Carlos are still running the classes and it’s good to do some of the basic moves again. A couple of faces we saw on Wednesday, but other than that it’s fresh meat for the grinder.

My hamstrings are screaming for mercy and begging for release when we’re done. It’s so good to feel alive with burning aches in muscles, soreness and stiffness that melts away whenever the practice starts.

Jenny told Katja about a movie being shown at Paradiso tonight. It’s something about Ganges and the director is supposedly there. We’re in. We end up eating dinner at the movies as its an option. It’s a vegetarian restaurant and for future reference – I will pass on the quinoa pancakes.

The movie is named “Kharma Bums” and was a cool production. Four guys from California goes to the Kumbh Mela festival at the shores of Ganges. It’s supposedly the world’s largest pilgrimage with uncountable numbers of people. It’s held just every 12th years Estimate is twenty to fifty million people. Hard to tell I guess.

There’s been made several documentaries about this festival, but these guys did it differently. Not only do we follow them closely, but they want to use standup paddle board to move down Ganges to a city 138 miles downriver. It’s a feelgood movie that address the growing pollution of Ganges as a serious subject. If it’s screened near you I strongly suggest you go see it. The producer/filmer/paddelboarder was there and introduced the movie and did a short Q&A afterwards. A nice ending to a good movie.

“You can never step into the same river for new waters are always flowing on to you.”


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