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12.07.15 The day before the day

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A week already. Hard to believe how fast the time flies by. Tomorrow Katja starts her teacher training. 
The volcano that caused problems when we came here is really causing problems now. The airport in Bali is closed and there’s plenty of people coming in for Katja’s course that are stuck elsewhere in Asia hoping to get here. Luckily we got in early to settle in. Worst story we heard so far is a girl flying from New Zealand to Bali who thought all was good, feel asleep on the plane, woke up and did find the plane has turned around and are soon to land in New Zealand again. That sucks.

Katja takes an early class and we eat a very latebreakfast afterwards. We spend the rest of the morning on the terrace and Katja puts all her stuff together for tomorrow. We read, write and just enjoy a lazy Sunday.

We go to Acro yoga at two and enjoy another round of flying and basing. We practice with a guy named Robert. We do a couple of moves including a “backward bend to handstand when coming off” that’s both good for the back and for our handstand practice.

After class we walk back to the hotel, Katja spends more time inspecting tomorrow’s gear before we go eat at Taco Casa. We risk it, or it feels like that at least. We both got sick last time we ate there, but it’s always crowded and wouldn’t survive if it weren’t a single miss last time. We enjoy the food and the last beers for a while. The most popular restaurants around here are so crowded people are lining up to get the next free table. In a few other places we have yet to see a customer. Wonder how they can keep those places running.

An early lights out with an exited Katja looking forward to tomorrow.

“You are the salsa to my taco”

Karla Diaz Cano

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