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13.07.15 Start of the training

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So the course starts. Not fully though, as ten out of thirty has not yet arrived due to the volcanic ash around here.
Katja walk to the barn very early. Those who know her well know she hates being late. Late is being just ten minutes early, by the way.

I spend a little longer in the room before going off to a class of Power yoga.

I sweat and struggle through another class, but find I can do poses I couldn’t do before. “Don’t rush it, it will come to you when you’re ready.” Heard it before? Hated it when you really want to make something, but isn’t able to? Yeah, that’s what I thought. We, the first of the instant gratification generation, don’t want to wait. Don’t want to be patient and get it when we deserve it. We want it now! Damn it, I even paid for it! And if I don’t master it immediately I quit. I start something else that I’ll probably master without any previous knowledge or experience. Right. Sounds familiar? Not you, of course, but I bet you know someone like that. It’s said that one in thousand reaches black belt in martial arts. Of these only another percent reaches second Dan. And so on. Yoga is not “given” to you in a lesson or two, it’s a life long journey of constant learning and exploration. Just like any good martial art.

Katja get back so we grab lunch together as they only spent a couple of hours in class. The rest of the hours will have to be distributed over the remaining days of the course. As if ten hours a day wasn’t enough.

We go together to a vinyasa flow class at four with Bex. The barn is getting fuller and fuller, and it’s still not really peak season. Another good class, but I’m pretty beat and don’t have much energy. It’s insanely hard to press up into plank from laying low. Some days you got it, others you don’t. I focus on breathing and smiling while surviving as best I can. What doesn’t kill ya….

Banana plant

Banana plant

Afterwards we planned on going straight to dinner, but got stuck in reading about Krishna and Arjuna (The Baghavad Gita). When we’re finally ready we’re hungry and take the easy way out. Down to Mama Mia and grab a quick pizza before heading back home for more reading. I think Katja will get her fill of reading and studying before these four weeks are done.

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

– Abraham Lincoln


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