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19.07.15 A day together

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So it’s the first Sunday in the course and Katja’s day off. You would think she didn’t want any yoga today right?
Wrong! She gets up and do the eight o’clock flow. Not only to practice, but as a review on the class she will hand in as an assignment during the course.

She gets back and we go for breakfast. We don’t do it at the hotel, but drive off on the bike and head for Paula’s Cafe. It’s a nice place with a beautiful view where they serve great breakfast with crispy bacon. We spend a good while there talking and enjoying each others company. It’s more of a lunch than breakfast timing on this now. We finally pack up and move down into town and pop by a couple of stores to do a little shopping before going home

We spent a little time in the room while Katja did more of her yoga stuff. Memorizing sequences is often hard enough, but giving other people cues on how to perform them at the same time is even harder.

We drive to our favorite babi guling place for dinner. The lady asks me three times before accepting the fact that I’ll have two portions by myself. She smiles and check once again:”Three soup also?”, before accepting that Katja will have one and I two. It’s as good as always and we just smile as we feel the nice warmth from the chili glowing together with the taste of a suckling pig. I gotta do something like this on the BBQ back home.

Road work in Indonesia is organized a little different than back home

Road work in Indonesia is organized a little different than back home

We drive the back road into Ubud, cross through town and go to the frozen yogurt place we both love. A nice cold dessert there and it’s getting dark and time to go home.


“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

 – Don Williams Jr.

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Humongen! The big guy! The man, the myth, the legend! And then theres' me. The nice guy in the house. The man without cooking skills, but with five stars on the Playstation. Boss at work, relaxed at home. What you see is what you get. Life is good. I choose it to be.

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