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09.08.15 Goodbye Ubud – Hello Seminyak

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Time to say goodbye then. Ubud has been our number one city on this tour, but every story has an end.
We do one of the few breakfasts together. It’s not like we have a lot if time since we’re moving out. Katja has a massage appointment and we pack up and move or of the room around ten. 

We drive around town to pick up some things to bring home before I drop Katja off at the barn. We agree on a meeting place for lunch and I go back to the hotel.

Normal transport

Normal transport

I spend almost ninety minutes surfing before concluding on what storage solution to order and what kind of monitor to buy. The storage is for handling the digital music collection (all my CD’s have gone through my computer), our extensive film archive from all the camps where we have filmed the instructors and not to mention our pictures. We had many before going on this tour… Now we need a new storage system.

Katja shows up for lunch and we get to say goodbye to a Louise who runs the Italian restaurant across the street from Tunjung Mas. He’s been very nice and Marzano restaurant have served us beautifully.

We just eat and go for next up is acro yoga. Carlos is away, so Bex teaches alone. I get in a group with three other big guys and we make it all work. A great class with lots of fun. As one said at the end of class:”Combining trust and touch makes for instant friendship!” Very well put. Ooh, Dennis is back. Our American friend who’s an ace in Acro. He’s among Katja’s partners as the two of them get to lift two over-sized Russian ladies.

We get a half hour break before Bex teach a class of vinyasa flow. After that class I’m pretty exhausted. Three hours of training done. We say goodbye to Bex and head back to the hotel. Our driver is ready, but he thinks it’s a better idea if we go to eat first instead of stopping on the way.

We drive to the rendang place and have our last meal there. It’s cheap and good as always. Back at the hotel we get our bags from the reception and get in the car. Putu takes us to our last hotel on this tour, and we’ve upgraded these last few days. The room is great, the bed fantastic and we’ll have a few good days and nights here. Katja got Putu to stop at a Mart and we got a couple of beers we enjoy out on the terrace.

I’ve recently mentioned my company is reorganizing and more info came in the mail today. I tune up my CV and application for a management position before heading to bed.

“Traditional education is based on facts and figures and passing tests – not on a comprehension of the material and its application to your life.”

– Will Smith

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