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10.08.15 Three days to take off

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We enjoy a Lovely breakfast at our new hotel. Crispy bacon ftw!
We go down poolside and spend a couple of hours in the sun. Just enough to get red and sunburned skin where the whites are to exposed. Then it’s time for our last tour to the post office. We walk off with lots of stuff and just outside the hotel we find a motorbike rental. We rent one and drive off.

Renting a bike include renting a helmet. ROCK ON!

Renting a bike include renting a helmet. ROCK ON!

After driving a real bike these last weeks it feels like driving a toy to be back on a automatic scooter. But it’ll have to do.

Dropping off laundry

Dropping off laundry

We drop off laundry up the road and continue on to the post office. Katja stays behind to witness and check the wrapping while I go out in search of an ATM. The traffic is murder and I used a lot more time than expected to cash out and get back.

Anomali coffee have a branch just up the street and we aim for a cuppa joe there. We are greeted by a customer sitting there who’s Norwegian. Steinar is working out off Bali to Singapore and other cities. It was nice to hear Norwegian again from someone other than ourselves.

We spend a little time at the coffee shop Planning and looking at options back home. As I wrote earlier, there’s loads of stuff to do and fix when we’re back home.

Back at the hotel I spend a little more time filling out the required form for applying to the manager position back home. Katja proofread and suggests add-ons and out takes and I polish it some more. Gotta be better than good, you know.

We end up with dinner at mediocre Mexican restaurant. It wasn’t half bad, but not completely good either. Cold beers and decent margaritas though.

I have a Skype session with my parents before an early night. We’re getting up early tomorrow as Katja will be assisting in Les’s class in Ubud.

“There’s some kind of dark symbiosis between lunatics and the Postal Service.”

– Don Novello

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