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11.08.15 Back in Ubud – already

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Les teaches at ten in Ubud. A one hour plus drive from here. Up and away then.
We use an hour and fifteen minutes in the morning rush to get from our hotel to Ubud. It’s chaotic at times, but we manage and mostly keep to the right roads. We’re early as we know the class will fill up quickly. Katja will get in as she’s assisting, but I want something for my driving and aim to be in the front row when the class start.

We have time for a coffee in the Garden Cafe while waiting. When the registration starts there’s lots of people there. Katja classmates are there in great numbers even though many have already flown out. Some are assisting, the rest take the class. Les was one of my absolute favorite teachers when we were here before, and he delivers today as well. Very creative, funny and inspirational. I enjoy his class immensely.

After class Katja, Emma and Kimberly got applause from the class for their assisting, and then they got their diploma. She’s now a 200 RYT. A two hundred hours Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Congratulations, Snoopy!

Katja and Les with the official diploma

Katja and Les with the official diploma

We go back up to the cafe to take a coffee and have a final chat with Katja’s classmates. We head off and get me a haircut before driving to our favorite babi guling place. We’re way overdue for lunch and are but satisfied after our normal portions. It sucks getting out of sync like that.

It’s heavy traffic driving towards Seminyak again. We make a stop at the stone carver where a bought our stone figures we sent home a year ago. Still a great place with lots of nice sculptures. Back out into the heavy traffic we slowly drove on. We were both getting red arms from the sun and stopped at the best babi guling place in Seminyak, Pak Malen. Another portion later and the days meals are all screwed up.

We cool down in the room before heading out for a sunset view on the beach. Luckily we did, because this was a very nice sunset. There’s so much people here. Really high season. Music is coming from every bar along the beach and drunk Australians are everywhere.

We get a light diver across the street from our hotel before heading back up to the room and watching a couple of episodes of west wing. Two more nights…

“‘Safe Harbor’ is a state of mind… it’s the place – in reality or metaphor – to which one goes in times of trouble or worry. It can be a friendship, marriage, church, garden, beach, poem, prayer, or song.”

– Luanne Rice

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