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Thai yoga body work, something new


After a superb late lunch at Bali Buda, great place, we were ready for our class of Thai yoga body work at Yoga Barn. We had read that this class would be massage and pair work so this was hopefully something to look forward to. The class was full with lots of excited faces. Then Carlos arrived, he definitely falls in to the yogi category described by Arne earlier. A handsome dude with a guitar under his arm and his long dreadlocks tucked into a sarong on his head. Arne and I looked at each other, my og my what are we in for…. Carlos is maybe spanish, a least thats what it sounded like when he talked to the longhaired yogi girl stretching on the floor next to where he put his guitar. They kept talking for a while and those who know me know I like to start on time. Carlos took his time but 5 min late (yes I know its not much, its more the principle) he was ready. The we started, Arne on his back and me attacking him :-). Carlos was actually very good and he guided us through 1,5 hours of a great massage. At the end of the class, when both giving and receiving a fantastic massage, we all lay down on the floor and Carlos played his guitar and we got to relax (some more). It was new, it was cool, Carlos was good. Tomorrow (if my stomach is in balance) awaits Acro Yoga with Carlos & Bex. Thats also something new, you will hear more of that later 🙂

Author: Katja

Born in Oslo, 17.november 1969. Happily married to my wonderful husband Arne Bergersen. We live in a nice little townhouse at Holmlia, just on the outskirts of Oslo.

2 thoughts on “Thai yoga body work, something new

  1. Wow that sounds so great! A little jealous of that massage:)

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