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Visa extension @ Bali

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We have started the process of extending our Visa for our stay here in Indonesia. We have initially 60 days, but need another week for our last stay by the coast.
It’s an industry of its own the Visa extension. There are several offices up along the Main Street that advertise the help to get it done. This is a quick guide to get it done.
First off, it is important to establish the need for the extension. If you’re just staying a day or two over your limit you can pay a daily fine upon departure. The rate is debated a around here but seems to be 200 or 300.000 IDR per day. An extension is 700-800.000 IDR depending on what agency you use. So there is a break point on a couple of days if you will spend the least money possible. But, and there is a big but (pun intended) if you do not handle your fine for overstaying right, you might get a RED stamp upon departure. This will deny you entry to Indonesia for 2 years. So watch out.

For extending your visa you need a local sponsor who is willing to sign papers for you, and give you a copy of their ID card. The ID is called KTP and is something everyone seems to have. But we were specially informed that the copy should be of a local variant, namely the island your on. Otherwise it may cause complication in the process. A Jawanese can not be your sponsor in Bali. This seems to be pretty normal stuff and we had no problems getting our current landlord to produce this. But beware: there are two different forms heist sign,
And one of them is supposed to include a formal stamp (like postal stamp) before signing. We did not get that when we got our forms, but our landlord, with his limited English skills, was quite persistent that it had to be in place before signing. So tomorrow we will have to go stamp hunting at a post office.
You also need three photographs sized 4*6 cm with red background. So if your planning ahead get them done before you leave home. We took photos here and it came to 2,5$ per person. Not a big deal, but you need to be around a shop that can do this, and I guess that will differ depending on where in Indonesia you are.
Then it’s gathering passport, pictures and signed forms and head to the extension agency. Sounds easy, but not an endeavor I would venture through on my own. It is said it will take 7-10 working days to get it done.

As I threw my back out this morning there has not been any yoga for me today. Katja did an emergent back breaker on me, and we think we straighten it out. I have still been sore today and will easily skip tomorrow’s training as well. Then it’s back in the saddle on Thursday.

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