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No big plans today except the acro yoga at 2 pm. We had breakfast at 8 am and then spent some time in the room reading and looking into stuff on the web.  Although we are still Facebook absent, Arne discovered, through Twitter, that his sister and family just bought a house in Katy, Texas, where they are currently living. That is so cool! Congrats to them and we really hope to go visit them there! Brit has a blog about living in Texas as a Norwegian. It is in Norwegian, and can be found here: Solisinnet.bloggnorge.com

We the spent some hours by the pool reading and relaxing, it is after all saturday.

Casha & Lync enjoying the pool at Tunjung Mas

Casha & Lync enjoying the pool at Tunjung Mas

We had lunch in the room muesli and banana, we have found this very nice musli blend with cereals, nuts, grains and cinnamon. Its a product of Bali and very yummy!
So Acro yoga, very pleased to see that both our favorite instructors, Carlos and Bex, showed up for class today. After the warm ups the groups was divided into those all new to acro and those that know a little or more. We now know a little. Our group was Arne, Cyrus (from UK), Regis (the Netherlands and UK) and me. We did bird, throne and then STAR. Have tried star once before, not a big success. This time it went better for me. Arne still has the trouble that he is big and when Cyrus tried to base him they both ended on their back laughing big time and Cyrus.s comment was: It felt like giving birth to Arne as Arne fell down on him and rolled out between his legs almost crying since he was laughing so much. After class we played around some outside and Hayley and I managed to do the star with just a little help for Arne the spotter.


Haley-May and me doing star. Alpina spotting in the back.

Very happy and feeling like we deserved a little extra at the Yoga barn cafe 🙂


The food at the Yoga barn cafe is excellent!

We have now just booked a cooking class for Tuesday, pick up at 7am and finished at 1pm. After reading about many different “schools” we just decided to go for one so more off the result to come.
We are now on our way out to meet Haley-May for dinner at Soma a local warung up the street.
Back again to the room. Soma turned out to be Dewa warung, the local one we went to last week after the advise from our landlords at Savira. And Hayley showed up with a Brazilian guy she met in class. Cassio now lives in Bali and has an firm importing acai berries from Brazil to Indonesia. Him and some friends started it some moths ago and in the future they also hope to export car and motorbike parts back from Indonesia to Brazil. He is a very nice guy. Dewa was really buzzing on a Saturday night. For new customers the waitress put both the menu and a pad to write down the order so you do everything yourself and she just picks it up, easy enough. It took some time with the food but, as last time, it was very good when it arrived. We all eat and talked and had a good time.

Feed Humongen

Feed Humongen

Arne and I had already decided for yoghurt is cream for dessert so after saying goodbye to the two others we headed back home we just a small detour by the Ice cream Yogi. It has been a good day and now it’s time for bed. Sunday is Sunday dance at Yoga barn still not sure if I am up to that class. I’ll sleep on it and then we’ll see tomorrow.

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Born in Oslo, 17.november 1969. Happily married to my wonderful husband Arne Bergersen. We live in a nice little townhouse at Holmlia, just on the outskirts of Oslo.

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