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Wrap up of last week in Perth

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It’s been a nice last week in Perth, but I see no reason to make a post for each day. Here’s a wrap up of it all.

We booked both hotel and flight to Boracay this morning. We will go directly Perth-Hong Kong- Manila- Boracay. If you can call that direct. Not a bad itinerary, as we have only 1,5 hours wait in Hong Kong and 3 hours in Manila. The forecast for Boracay includes a lot of rain. We are moving from the wet to the “dry” season so I guess we will get wet from more than the sea.
Boracay is probably the most touristy area of the Philippines, but with white beaches and a lot of sun (normally) it’s to good to pass up.
After this we headed out to Marmion along the beach and Katja got her toenails done. They did not have a spot available directly and we therefor spent some time at the beach reading before heading back to the salon. I did a walk of the neighborhood while listening to audio books, as someone did nail magic on Katja. While at Marmion we also got to send a few postcards and a parcel. Muy effectivo!
As I have written earlier has my back been acting up. I secured an appointment at the chiropractor yesterday and went today. Lazar was good an cricked and cracked my back into shape again. Might take another turn before departure to do a final tune up.
As I was engaged there Katja was on her own. She is easy pray when she passes shop windows with pretty things on display. She was almost crying when she told me about the handbag that had been screaming at her to save it and set it free. Luckily I had all the money.

We spent some time in Hyde Park, while reading and talking about life, universe and everything. Before we headed of and did Vinyasa Flow at Power Living. They heat their classrooms to 30 degrees so it’s quite a sweaty class. Almost as doing yoga on Bali. It was good to do some yoga again.

Katja at the entrance of Power Living

Katja at the entrance of Power Living

We got home had some leftovers and got a couple of blog posts out. Mike was watching a scary movie, but I won’t do that right before bedtime. Man, I would have had nightmares.

Another day another training session. Katja did another Yoga session at the place where I threw my back out (Yoga OM). I didn’t want to do another there and went on a walkabout. Like the good housewives I put in training gear and did power walking. As Perth is basically designed with a ruler it’s quite easy to get back to where you started. There are long stretches any which way you start walking and then you just take the parallel street back and voila! Back at square one.

Classic nice car

Classic nice car I came across on the walk

We did another tour down to the beach. It was overcast and fly ridden. There are so many flies around here that it drives me insane. And these flies aren’t jumpy as the one back home. If the land on you they really don’t want to leave. They will crawl towards your eye, behind your glasses. Or try to get in your ear. Uurrrgh! So this makes it all right to walk around with this stupid hat with corks hanging down from the brim. Or what do you say, Heikki?

Stupid looking, but functional

Stupid looking, but functional

Down at the Scarborough Beach

Down at Scarborough Beach

It was needed, I was told, some last minute shopping in Perth. Katja had torn her t-shirts training and needed another one. She therefor took me to a shopping center, found me a couch and placed me there with my Kindle. She walked around looking for that perfect ark t-shirt and came back with a white one. Eeeeeeeh, OK?!?
So now we’re looking for a dark t-shirt, because everyone knows that’s what she need and the white one has nothing to do with the dark one. (did I get that right this time, darling?)

Yay! X-mas tree in October.

Yay! X-mas tree in October.

We grabbed a nice Indian dinner and went to training at Mike’s club AMAF where they did ownership in Panantukan and Sikaran. That is Katja had all of her nice Indian dinner so she felt very sick for the first hour after that the two last classes went ok.

The top activity on Wednesday was the visit to the AQWA. Aquarium of Western Australia. It’s located at Hillary’s Harbor and was very nice. Among the attractions are a conveyer belt where you get taken through a glass tunnel and get to watch sharks, sting rays, fish and the occasional snorkeler. You can actually snorkel in the big tank together with these great animals. It’s also a touch pool where you are allowed to touch small Sharks and fish, and an own pool for Sting rays where you get to see them up close. I highly recommend going to AQWA if you’re in Perth. It was great fun and educational as well. There are free guided tours that you can join and get information about corals, currents, fish, sharks, snakes etc.

The evening we got to spend with Kali Sikaran International in Perth. First in 90 minutes with Beki with pad works leading up to Kadena de Mano. Then another 90 minutes with Heikki in Hunid chaos drills. Both give good lessons and we appreciate the possibility to get to train with them. The students on both places are also very nice and we have made good friends along the way. It’s magic what can be accomplished between persons when you exchange bruises. We spent some time after the last class to sing birthday song for Curtis and to taste the cake Cassy had brought in for that occasion.

Dead beat and ready for bead we tumbled in the door at Mike’s. And I now see that this post is more than long enough and that I need to do a “Wrap up 2” for the last few days.

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