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Boracay Sunday


What do you do when you stay at a paradise beach? You do yoga. No? Can’t see the connection? We can.
We had googled yoga on Boracay before we came here and there wasn’t that much options. We found a class at nine every day at the second floor of an Indian restaurant. We checked it out yesterday and it’s just around the corner from our hotel. Not the Australian version, but the “just around the corner”, from everywhere else in the world. We got a good breakfast at the hotel with cereals, eggs, bacon, toast, coffee and juice. Not that the coffee is overly great but that didn’t keep us from downing three cups.

Roof terrace on hotel

Roof terrace on hotel. A good place to enjoy morning coffee

View from the yoga studio

View from the yoga studio

The yoga studio is just amazing! From the second floor you don’t see the boardwalk outside you just see the beach and the water. When your lifting your gaze during practice and this is the view, you can truly appreciate the beauty of this place.
The yoga teacher was very good. Louise gave us a very good class and had her own way of explaining different poses and transition. I walked away with much sweat, but also a lot of new understanding. Tomorrow another lady will hold the class and it will be Anusara Inspired. I have no idea what that is, gonna read up on that.
After the 90 minutes of yoga we went straight down to the beach, changed to swim wear and ran into the water. Wheeeeeeeee! It’s so much warmer than in Perth, and even Coral Bay. We just floated around and chilled out.


The beach

The beach

Slowly we realized we should probably get some lunch and walked back to the hotel, took a shower and went out. After lunch we walked a bit to see how the area we live in is, and I think we can describe it in one word: Busy.
According to some of my friends Japan is the best place on earth, but it is possible to have to many Japanese people around. Add to the mix equal parts of Koreans and rich Filipinos, mix with mobile phones the size of life rafts and stir with selfie poles. Then you get D’Mall where we live. It’s like being in some kind of comedy where every stereotype is maxed out. The Japanese are dead afraid of the sun. Getting color on their skin gotta be the worst that can happen. So they go to the beach in long shorts, long sleeved technical shirts, large sunglasses and even larger hats. On top of this it seems to be a thing to have a theme for the whole family. The same cap for everyone, or the same shorts, or shirt, you can see where this goes. And they are more focused on taking selfies during sunset than actually watching the sunset. We have taken our fair shares of selfies so far, but remains amateurs and newbies apparently. And it’s not just on the beach, they do this in the street and the shops and restaurants and you can probably once again see where this is going. Puh, felt good to get that rant out of the way.

"Aunty Red, Aunty Yellow and Aunty Blue". Our Norwegian readers will probably get that one...

“Aunty Red, Aunty Yellow and Aunty Blue”. Our Norwegian readers will probably get that one…

Turning that table around, there’s a lot of white people here who don’t know how to dress to.


Taking a pic of me?


Nope, look closer and try again…

We went to the hotel and pumped iron for a little while to catch up on the strength training. Can’t get all Mushy and Yogic now, can I?
We got dinner at the only place around here that doesn’t charge overly much for the food, and it was good. As close to Babi Guling as I guess we’ll come in this country.


Beach at night


Creative use of soda cans


Beach at night


Arnulfo – anybody know that guy?

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  1. So Arne is not comming back. He has set up shop. That was very cool. Big laugh round the breakfast table.

  2. Yes.
    Greetings from Arnulfo – formerly known as Arne;)

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