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06.03.15 Peaceful Warrior camp day 5

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Once again we’re up for the morning stick work at six o’clock. Looks like the whole camp is up and the floor is full for the start of today’s training. 

We twirl and put the motion into applications afterwards. We’re in the groove and keep moving, hitting, twirling and moving again.
Claes six o'clock stick class

Claes six o’clock stick class

Two hours ends when James arrives to do yoga.

We spend time again doing some of the basic moves in yoga with the flavor of James. He’s fluent like water when he moves and he’s really flexible. Impressive, I got to say.


After breakfast we do an hour with Claes on pad works and sticks. A great class where the energy is really high and we hit, punch, grab and smack. A great class. After that Fred took us through a practical application of some basic moves applicable for self defence.
Lunch and then a power nap. For me, that is. Katja is now a part of the Tahitian dancers that are the second part of this camp. Lila is teaching the Tahitian dance and the ladies participating have now arrived.
Lila and me

Lila and me

I get ready for class at four and it’s in the big pool. We do hubud in the pool with transitions from right to left. I guess that last sentence did not mean squat for some, but it’s what we did.
Hubud in the pool

Hubud in the pool

The last hour of training for the day was in Taiji Quan with James. We continued with applications for the form he’s been teaching us.
Then it was time for the Annual Belly Splash Competition. It’s just as painful as it sounds. Hard and fierce competition, but Katja and I made it to the final, but where fairly beaten by YC who Michael Jackson danced into belly splash. Gotta hand it to the guy.
KogA in the final round

KogA in the final round

"Krypton!" - Claes in his final belly splash

“Krypton!” – Claes in his final belly splash

After dinner it’s another session of the personal development and we did a lot of questions and answers. People really wonder about lot of different stuff.
Last conference

Last conference


All that is transitory is but a metaphor.

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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