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29.03.15 Sunday – Official rest day

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Sunday and full rest day. We are lucky and meet Nezih at the restaurant we do breakfast and spend some time talking before heading back to the room.

We do picture and blog work before heading to the beach. We try different beaches to see different parts of Phuket island. Yesterday we did Karon beach today we’re at Patong.
We find an Egyptian restaurant for lunch and have a fabulous meal. Expensive, but good. It’s the most expensive meal so far in Thailand and I guess it’s way more expensive here by the beach than in the middle of the island where we are.
Lunch restaurant

Lunch restaurant

Waiting for food @ Cairo

Waiting for food @ Cairo

We rent as couple of beach chairs today. Probably a way around the sunbed issue and just relax in the shade for some hours.
It’s time to go and we pack up and ride to the same fruit juice stand we visited yesterday. Strawberry, pineapple and mango. Just so delicious. It looks like it’s about to rain, so we drive on and stop for dinner at Mr India. The same restaurant we visited two days ago. With the motorbike available it’s good to eat outside of our little street.
Back at the hotel we order six boiled eggs, to eat with the ham we bought at the Mini Mart, for breakfast tomorrow. It’s gonna be a simple and effective breakfast that needs to last me through an hour of yoga and then two hours of Muay Thai. We’re switching tomorrow with Muay Thai in the morning and BJJ in the evening.
For closing off the evening we put on a movie and relaxed.
I’ve never been in love befor, but I can imagine it’s similar to the feeling you get when you see your waiter arriving with your food.
– Unkown

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