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30.03.15 Muay Thai fading to slow day

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We get ready for the eight unlock Muay Thai session this morning. Another week is on. 

Instead of doing BJJ in the morning we turn the table and start with Muay Thai today. It’s a boxing station and we do skipping rope for starters, then shadow boxing before we do a few combinations with partner.
From there it’s the same formula with pad work, bag work and sparring. I get a Russia guy in the last round of sparring and once again it’s a rather uncontrolled character. Sparing here is light and meant to be more games than fights. Otherwise people would stop coming to training if it’s a risk of getting knocked down. He come in swinging like his life depends on it, but stop abruptly and get the message when I jab him square in the face. From there he calms down and we end up with a decent work out.
The project of three hundred sit ups and one hundred push ups is still ongoing, but still not in a form worth bragging about.
Juice and protein powder.

Juice and protein powder.

We get a massage before lunch and go back to the hotel. We have several hours until BJJ starts in the evening and we fill it with sun, pool, reading, sleeping and blogging.
When it closes to the new session we fade away and end up with a slow afternoon instead. We’ll turn the sessions around again tomorrow as the evening BJJ is gi only. Hopefully we’ll get two sessions that way.
New management @ Tiger. Somebody's making a lot of money

New management @ Tiger. Somebody’s making a lot of money

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.
– George Best

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