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BJJ session this morning was awesome. We did a longer combination with positioning and submissions. 

A good instruction followed by some nice sparring. It’s hard to get to submit someone since I use to long to think about my options at any given time. That makes the better practitioners turn me around or at least try to do so, and then we’re at it again. Today at least I got to a point where I denied submissions for a whole round. That’s the first time and I take it as a huge win. I also got less tired during sparring which I ascribe the fact to that I’m using less and less muscles to move around and to block the other persons movements.
Katja @ BJJ training

Katja @ BJJ training

On our way back we passed by the advanced Muay Thai group and talked to two of the trainers there. We’ll do private sessions with the two brothers there tomorrow evening. Lam is said to be the striking coach of George Saint-Pierre, the retired welterweight champion of the UFC. Nezih has been doing private with him and just loves it. We’re looking forward to tomorrow afternoon already.
Katja went out to get a massage of the feet that was bothering her yesterday and this morning. Hopefully she can get them up to speed as we’re doing outdoor running as part of this evenings Muay Thai.
The Muay Thai class is good as we both get the same pad holder who actually gives us good and constructive feedback on our techniques. Not much, but at least enough to do changes. The first twenty minutes of skipping rope is better than last time, but I do take my breaks to stretch out the calves before they pump up to hard.
We take an outdoor run for twenty minutes towards the end of class, and that is also better than last time. Am I getting in better shape?
A completely natural sight in the road to training. Someone running with a tire in a rope. Dum di dum di dum di dm

A completely natural sight in the road to training. Someone running with a tire in a rope. Dum di dum di dum di dm

We get dinner to go and hang in the hotel room until it’s lights out at about 21:30. The days blur into one when there is little to separate them.
It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.
– Charles Dickens

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