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17.04.15 Phuket old town – touristing

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We get up and start the mornings repair of the body. Between heat rashes, bruises, muscle soreness, Katja’s foot and my rib it takes a pharmacy to keep us moving.

We train together at the BJJ class again today. It’s a technical class with some intricate moves we don’t really catch. Flip this, grab that, roll back, lift leg, twist hip and untangle to gain control. Or something like that.
It’s a bit surreal to train in a group where there is one former UFC fighter (Roger Huerta) and a present one (Zubaira Tukhugov)  that are drilling together on basically the same moves we are. I say basically, ’cause it don’t look like we are doing the same exercise.

Bathtub fingers after BJJ. You know it's sweaty work

Bathtub fingers after BJJ. You know it’s sweaty work

We do some core exercises together after class, but I’m basically only good for fifty percent. Rest of the time I’m whining about my rib. I think Katja is ready to bring out the cheese now.
We bought different training clothes when arriving here and today we had to throw out the first. Katja’s BJJ shirt, that’s been washed after every class, smells like something very very bad that we don’t have words for. We think maybe the laundry services here uses detergents, something that does not work well with technical clothing.

After our little extra session we stumbled back home and had lunch before falling asleep. We woke up looked at each other and cancelled this afternoons session. We need more rest.
Going out to dinner we need a motorbike, but the hotel is busy with a lot of Chinese and they have take all the bikes.
There’s no shortage on bikes in total here so we got one from the shop next door. They sell water, Muay Thai clothing, water guns, t-shirts and rent motorbikes. Versatile business.

Renting a motorbike

Renting a motorbike

We had our first meeting with the Thai postal system and it was a breeze. We will send back the training gear after the camp in Krabi and if what we experienced today was any measure, it’s gonna be ok.
From there we drove through one street we passed through yesterday. It looked like something out of southern Europe, or maybe even Cuba. We parked the bike and found a place that advertised coffee. Indoors the place looked like something out of a TV show about hoarders. Hoarders with a fetish for flowery themes.

But the coffee was good. Round, but powerful. Just the way we like it.
We are now in Phuket old town a part that was built from the riches from the tin boom. There are great colonial mansions here and Sino-Portuguese style houses (Chinese row houses). Meaning influenced by Chinese and Portuguese culture. Old Siam had big relations with seafaring European countries, such as Portugal. Combine this with a traditional Chinese settlement, mix with Malay and Thai, stir to a boil and you get what we experience now.

We take a stroll around the neighborhood, take pictures and act like the tourists we are. We’ve done little of that lately.
We agreed on pizzas for dinner before we rented the bike, but Katja tries to vote that down now. I drive, I go to the pizza place! Nah, it’s not going down like that, but I stand fast on pizza and Katja’s not hard to keep in line.
After a little break from the heat with a mixed fruit juice we get to the bike and drive to Modena pizza. It’s not close, but worth it.
What is it with us and Modena Pizza? After our first great experience it’s now closed for the second time we’re there. Now it seems it’s under total renovation, as all the electrical wiring is down. Noooooooo!

Modena Pizza

Modena Pizza

Nooooo, what is this?

Nooooo, what is this?

We think of going to another pizza place closer to home, but stop on a supermarket on the way. We’re there to buy a tray of soda water and a couple of bags of peanuts. The also sell grilled chicken and we take that with us instead. Enough for dinner and for breakfast tomorrow. The morning Muay Thai starts so early there is really no breakfast to be had if we don’t make it in the room.

Getting ready to drive home with some baggage

Getting ready to drive home with some baggage

Driving Ms. Selfie

Driving Ms. Selfie

We enjoy the chicken and turn in. Better get enough beauty sleep.

Complimetary picture of the Queen. Pictures of her have popped up resently, and we think she might have a birthday soon.

Complimetary picture of the Queen. Pictures of her have popped up resently, and we think she might have a birthday soon.

Sorry to hear about your Dad.”
He shrugged. “He was seventy, and we always told him fast food would kill him.”
“Heart attack?”
“He was hit by a Pizza Express truck.

– J.A. Konrath, Whiskey Sour (Jack Daniels Mystery, #1)

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