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18.04.15 Sweet Saturday

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The alarm go off at seven and we stumble out of bed. Cold left over chicken from yesterday’s dinner swallowed down with water and we’re ready for action. 

In retrospect is it easy to see that I should have taken breakfast a bit more seriously. This morning’s Muay Thai started with twenty minutes if skipping rope before a little stretching and shadow boxing. (Katja did som easy jogging, due to her foot still not good). Then we did thirty minutes of sparring. It’s a big group of Chinese here naming themselves “Martial Fitness Training”. They do, as the name imply a little martial training, but for fitness purpose. That means they’re not all that used to sparring. Since we did two minutes rounds we got to spar with a lot of different people. Mostly they all wanted to play nice, but not everyone knows how much power they put in their punches. Good thing Katja is getting so much better at avoiding, blocking and countering since the weight difference is more visible there. Don’t for a minute think that the average Chinese here is a little fellow. They’re pretty sturdy, the lot of them.
After this we did pad work and bag work, and it was then I felt the lack of energy. Whoa! After kicking twenty kicks on each side I got a take down from my trainer. As I got up I stood gasping for air a few seconds before being able to continue. At the following break (when we do 20 push-ups) I got some ice water down my back which helped, but from then on out I did what I did on willpower.
Back at the hotel the shower was one of the best ever. A hearty lunch later we’re back in the room and I take a long power nap.
We get to Skype with Katja’s brother and family before we head out into the world. It’s a little strange to see how our nephews are changing while we’re away. They’re growing taller and the smallest is changing from a little baby boy to a little boy.
We take a trip to the mall to get resupply of some girly stuff I don’t really know so much about. I top up my internet access on the local SIM card, we get coffee and some roasted pork for the evening meal.
Roasted pork for the taking

Roasted pork for the taking

Then it’s back into traffic, which is rather heavy, and to a pizza place we’ve used Tripadvisor to find. Hopefully they can fill the void after Modena pizza.


The pizza was very good . But didn’t quite match up to Modena. Close, but no cigar.
Cinderalla in her carriage

Cinderalla in her carriage

We cruised a little tour down to the speed boat harbour after dinner to take a look at what’s there. Maybe we could rent a boat to take us to Krabi?
The speed boats

The speed boats

Back home we enjoyed the pork, the left over pizza from dinner and the quiet relaxed atmosphere here in Fit street when everyone is resting.
Left over pizza

Left over pizza to go

Thing about boats is, you can always sell them if you don’t like them. Can’t sell kids.

– Lin PardeyBull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife

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